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English Summative

Monica Nguyen

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Dystopia

Rebellion Against Authority
characters disagree with the government or individuals in authority and as a result, they rebel
each dystopian text displays or shows the protagonist living in a society run by a totalitarian government
Elements of Dystopia
By: Monica Nguyen
Teacher: Ms. Cantrel

Dystopian Text
The Chrysalids
The Hunger Games
the protagonist comes in contact with people who have been dehumanized
The Chrysalids
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games
"I risked a quick look-out once or twice, and could see the spider-man in front of his tent. He seemed to be dividing his men up into parties and instructing them by drawing diagrams in the bare earth."

"His eyes kept on searching among the horsemen. Suddenly he stiffened. His bow came up like a flash, bent to its full. He loosed. The shaft took my father in the left of his chest."
"'...Katherine's barely concious. She can't send to you. But they keep on asking us both questions, on and on.... If you could see what they've done to her.... Oh, Katherine, darling. ...Her feet, Micheal - oh, her poor, poor feet....'"
Chapter 12
Work Cited
government or leader's thirst for control causes dehumanization
citizens of all texts are dehumanized through authority and power of the government they live under
they are put under the conditions where they become dehumanized
conformity and expectations to fit in contributes greatly to rebellion
characters who rebel feel they have been treated unfairly
feel that rebelling is what they must do, the right thing
Goal - have total authority over the society and to control all aspects of public through oppression
all threats to the government (rebellion) must be eliminated
What makes up a DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY?
government or leaders run society with complete control of citizens
authority system will dehumanize citizens to ensure that they have complete control
society is controlled through fear, conformity, and authority
independent thoughts, individuality, and freedom are forbidden
they are taught to believe that they live in a utopian world
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