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Estonia - Netflix Internet Streaming Marketing Plan

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Patrick Lizaso

on 2 December 2011

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Transcript of Estonia - Netflix Internet Streaming Marketing Plan

Cheryl Gallegos Liz Jackson
Chelsea Marino Michael Murphy
Patrick Lizaso Marco Rosas Netflix International
Team Estonia "The big market for Hollywood
content after the US is Europe"
- CEO Reed Hastings Our Goals

- Use Estonia as a Test Market
- Increase Brand Awareness
- Potentially Expand into Europe Why Estonia?

- Europe’s leader in internet usage
-Wi-fi widely available
-Small enough to be test market
-Located in midpoint of Northern Europe
- Cuts a significant amount of shipping expenses
- No immediate competition in Estonia
- Already successful in Canada Why Only Netflix Internet Streaming? Netflix Internet Streaming

- Unlimited Movie/TV show streaming
- $9.99US/6.87 Euro a month
- Both American and Estonian movies available
- Recommendations based on past movies watched Market Entry
- Simple Direct Export
- Streamed to:

- Make deals with internet companies
-One free month of Netflix Facebook Google Apps Guerilla Marketing Twitter Netflix Headquarters
- Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia
- Lease building 2 years
- Internet Servers

Staff will be all Estonian

- Technical Engineers
- Customer Service Representatives
- Marketing Team

-Minimum wage is only $2.52 USD/hr Subsriber Count
Year 1 - 88,500 subscribers
(10% of total internet users)
Year 2 – 99,120 (12% increase)
Year 3 – 113,990 (15% increase)
Year 4 – 133,370 (17% increase)
Year 5 – 160,000 (20% increase) Gross Profit
Year 1 4,115,914 EUR
Year 2 5,981,794 EUR
Year 3 6,838,029 EUR
Year 4 7,969,834 EUR
Year 5 9,508,768 EUR

Subscription Price 6.87 EUR/month Costs
- Advertising
- Land and Building
- Salaries
- Technical Maintenance
- Contracts with Internet Companies

Initial Capital needed : 16,701,878 EUR In 5 years...

- Should we expand into Europe?
- Have we established a global brand?
- Do Estonians Love Netflix?
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