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The Holocaust

No description

Shannon Jones

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Holocaust

11 Million January 30, 1933
Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
Jewish population of 566,000 April 1, 1933 Nazis begin to boycott Jewish shops and businesses The Holocaust State-sponsored systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. 1933-1945
Nazi Germans believed they were a biologically "superior" race threatened with extinction through the struggle of survival with "inferior" races. extensive loss of life by fire Greek meaning for gypsies
physically and mentally disabled
persecuted for racial, ethnic, and national reasons Hitler annexed Austria
Destroyed Czechoslovakia 1938-1939 Munich Kristallnacht "crystal Night" Anti-Jewish pogrom November 9, 1938 Pogrom = Riot Not this riot. Deported approximately 30,000 Jews to Dachau
first concentration camp for political prisoners
Invasion of Poland 1939 Ghettos 1941 Mass Shootings
1.5 MILLION Deportation 1944 Concentration Camps January 1945 1/2 You do the math... 2/3 Additionally, Nazi's persecuted Jews restricted from entertainment- art and theatre
state insurance institutions (dentists, doctors, and lawyers)

"The Night of Broken Glass" Nazi gangs broke windows of Jewish homes and businesses
Burned synagogues (Jewish place of worship)
Arrested Jews and placed them into concentration camps marked the start of WWII Jewish were forced to wear Stars of David on all of their clothing Germans kept a close watch extreme hard labor
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