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What is it like to be a Marine Biologist?

i was curious i hope this helps you

Michele Kuykendall

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of What is it like to be a Marine Biologist?

by Madison Kuykendall
What is it like to be a Marine Biologist?
First, you need to start with colleges that even teach marine biology like Lake Superior State University in Michagan or Barry University in Florida.After you have chosen and been accepted into a college then you need to begin by earning a bachelors degree in biology or marine biology. Then take the rest of the necessary courses.
A marine biologist studys marine life and under water living organisims. So, for example if you have a under water pet that you dont know what it is they can tell you what it is and if its poisenous you know that kind of thing.
What is a marine biologist?
The way people study marine biology all started with the exploration of Captain James Cook. During the time that he was in the British Navy he mapped out most of the uncharted waters in he world during the 18th century.
Who was the first marine biologist?
A marine biologists hourly wages usually start at $19.09 and can reach $59.94. Salaries usually start at about $39,700.00 and can go up to about $124,680.For example at Sea World hourly wages can go anywhere from 8.86$ to15.77$

How much money does a marine biologist make?
how do you become marine biologist
Do we need marine biologists?
No, we don't need marine biologists but for example if you got an aquatic pet then how would you know what to feed it or how to take care of it without a marine biologist to study that kind of thing but its debatable.So basically if you want to take care of the aquatic population then yes we need marine biologists.
What kind of jobs do marine biologists have and where do they work?
Some of the places marine biologists work at are in aquariums and at some private labs.For example the Georgia Aquarium and Sea World.
Who was Jacques Cousteau?
Jacques Cousteau was a french undersea explorer,researcher,photographer,and documentary host.He invented diving and scuba gear such as "The Auqa Lung" . He produced films and a television series called "The undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau. He was very famous.
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