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Grade 7 Geography Chapter #2 Test Review

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Joanne Christie

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Grade 7 Geography Chapter #2 Test Review

Grade 7 Geography Chapter #2 Test Review
Environment and Interaction

Important Key Words
You Need to be able to define the following terms:
thematic map
road map
cultural landscape
Landforms and Animals
Refer to pages 24-26 and make notes on how animal species have adapted to the different landforms where it lives.
Cod Wars
Review your notes on the Cod Crisis in relation to new technology, foreign fishers, and fisheries scientists. How have they all contributed to the crisis. Refer to pages 27-29 in the textbook for additional information.
Review the information on page 39 of the textbook. Make notes on the views of the logging company and the conservationists. Be prepared to write a paragraph on this topic.
Test date: Thursday, November 14th

Review the Prezi and make study notes

Hand in your study notes before your test and receive 2 extra bonus marks on your test

Important Test Information
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