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Structural Engineering

No description

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
What is Engineering?
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Great Achievements
Description of Highways:
Structural Engineering
Extension of Civil Engineering.
Involved with the designs of buildings, such as; bridges, oil rigs, space satellites, and etc.
Structural engineers must work closely with architects.
Structural engineers must be concerned with the safety and integrity of the structures.
Appropriate materials must be chosen to ensure stability.
Risk of collapse must be predicted.
A good understanding of the material used and their strengths is required.
6. If you were an engineer within the discipline that you chose in number 3, which engineering grand challenge would you like to work on?
What is it about “engineering” that is common to all disciplines of engineering?
All engineers design, devise, and provide vehicles, machines, devices, facilities, or structures.
These things help maintain, defend, or improve the material living of humans.
Why do you think engineering has been called the stealth profession?
We think that engineering is called a stealth profession because most people do not see what engineers do.
How is an engineer different from a scientist?
What interpersonal characteristics do you think are important to the success of an engineer of any discipline?
Strong personal and technical communication skills.
Professional relationships with those that one works with.
Ability to be a good leader.
Negotiating for funding projects, settling ideas, etc.
The processs in which innovations in new technology are made to please our day-to-day lives.
Combination of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Work with substances to create products such as food and cosmetics.
Must understand chemical reactions and learn how certain molecules react with eachother.

Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Branches of Engineering
Electrical Engineering
The first highways were funded in 1905.
Congress funded 200,000 mile highways that connected every county together.
Highways help with traffic congestion and lessen air pollution.
They allow cars to get to their destination efficiently.

Production and distribution of power and electricity.
Electrical engineers design and manufacture things such as circuits.
Electricity is dangerous.
They must ensure that their products are safe, reliable, and sustainable.
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
What major discipline of engineering was most involved in the building of highways?
Civil Engineering because engineers in this field must be able to think of the most efficient material and ways to lower enviromental risks that the construction of a highway may entail.
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
Mechanical engineers must design, build and install mechanical machines and tools.
Areas that mechanical engineers can work in include the power, medical or manufacturing industries.
They work on things such as transport systems, robotics, aircrafts and etc.
Problems: Cost must be considered.
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Scientists try to understand laws of nature and the behavior of living things.
Engineers apply science and technology to make products that are useful to society.
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
Tara Rahimi and Terri Kim
-We would work on improving and restoring urban infracstructure.
7. Describe your selected grand challenge.
- In many of the urban areas infrastructure deteriorating and are not safe due to little / poor funding, terrorist attacks, and growing populations.
Grand Challenge
8. Why is a solution to this challenge important to the world?
- This challenge requires a solution because if the infrastructures are deteriorating, necessities such as clean water and disposal of wast can be disturbed.
9. How could you, as an engineer in your chosen discipline, contribute to a solution to this challenge?
- As an engineer we could devise methods and map and label the buried infracstructure, and avoid further damage after it is replaced or fixed.
Terri Kim and Tara Rahimi
Draw up blueprints on computer design programs.
Must be aware of/ assess the environmental risks the project may entail.
Must monitor the site of the project and ensure that directions are followed.
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