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Imagine... A Working Carbon Tax for BC

BC has a carbon tax, but it's not working! It's not protecting the environment, and it has an unfair impact on low- and middle-income British Columbians. Click through the Prezi to find out more about how we could fix the carbon tax.

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Transcript of Imagine... A Working Carbon Tax for BC

British Columbia's carbon tax is not doing the job we need it to do... Loopholes mean that some of the biggest polluters are exempted from the tax. But they still get the tax cuts that go with it. This means that some big polluters actually benefit from the carbon tax. AND, middle and low income people are paying more of their income to the carbon tax than high income people. A carbon tax brings
in money that can be used for important green projects such as... but... In order to be effective, the carbon tax needs to be higher. But before we raise the tax, it needs some work... So, how can we make it fair and effective? APPLY THE CARBON TAX TO ALL INDUSTRIES
The tax currently does not cover GHG emissions in key industrial areas, including much of the oil and gas sector. A carbon tax can be an important way to fight global warming. But it has to be fair.

And we need to use the money to pay for measures that will actually help the environment. For more recommendations, see the report “Fair and Effective Carbon Pricing: Lessons from BC” at
http://www.policyalternatives.ca/carbonpricing http://www.policyalternatives.ca/climate-justice-project STOP WASTING THE MONEY ON TAX CUTS
Carbon tax revenue should fund major green investments in public transit, retrofit programs for buildings, green jobs, forest conservation and other environmental actions. Everyone has to pay the carbon tax on things like gas and home heating fuel. But if you have less money to begin with, the carbon tax takes a larger share of your income. In 2010, the poorest British Columbians paid 1.3% of their income to the carbon tax. But the richest 10% paid only 0.3% of their income to the carbon tax. The richest 1% paid even less. Plus, after tax cuts they got 1% of their income back! Use the arrow below to navigate.
Best viewed in fullscreen under "more" menu. Imagine...
Half of carbon tax revenues should be used for tax credits for low and middle income households. A carbon tax makes
it more expensive to burn
fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide) that cause global warming. A carbon tax
makes it more expensive
to burn fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases
(like carbon dioxide) that cause global warming. Retrofits to make buildings more energy efficient. Conserving and managing our forests to store more carbon and protect forestry jobs. Retraining programs to help workers transition to green jobs. Efficient and affordable public transit. None of the money from the carbon tax goes towards funding any green projects.

Instead, all of the money just gets sent back out the door, in the form of tax cuts, mostly for corporations. w-wh-WHAT?? Design and production by Terra Poirier
Illustrations by Sarah Leavitt
Text by Shannon Daub, Sarah Leavitt and Marc Lee
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