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Krista Duncan

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Evirothon

Foundation James, put maps here Thank You for listening Here at Green Vision, we want to help you create the best area for you and your renters to enjoy. We want to decrease your maintenance costs, restore the natural wildlife and improve water quality all while maximizing your profit Economic Green Vision By: James, Krista, Emily and Jordan What you need to make your development clean Green Vision is a world renowned organization and with your help we can make a huge impact on the community. Throughout this presentation we will tell you about our plans and how you can make a profit off of our ideas Agenda 1. Noting problems with the current layout 2. The Green Vision proposal 3. Long and Short term benefits 4. Map to map comparison 5. Conclusion Problems Environmental Social We have seen many issues arise with the combination of agriculture and environmentally significant land. These issues need to be dealt with now so that we can improve the efficiency and reduce environmental risks on this farm Here are our suggestions... Errosion
Increases runoff and damages the land
Creates loss of topsoil which prevents the ability to plant crops We want to implement and artificial pond to restrict access of the cattle to the creek.
- The cows are the main cause of the errosion Agriculture also creates errosion
-We want to place strips of grass within the fields
-The grasses will absorb water from ephemeral ponds and prevent errosion in the ponds Encroachment
Damages and kills trees along with surrounding plant life. It also destroys wildlife habitat Wetland distruction is another issue We want to have them deemed protected Also, to mow the grass lands every 3 to 5 years in order to maintain the area and use the mowed grass as a resource for bio fuel which can be used or sold Issue: Uneeded over use of water Solution: Implement water management techniques You can also use rainbarrels water the strawberry fields and cistern tanks for personal use We want to include a bio boiler to replace a large amount of electrical use Uneeded grasses from the prairie land can be used to generate the boiler and left over resources can be sold for profit The left over corn can also be sold within town and to the local native reserve to generate even more profits We also believe an all natural campsite will help to generate income and is a low cost and maitenance feature when promote it as natural habitat with no electricity (hard core camping) We also want to include this on the other side of the river to attract fishermen and charge for specific species they catch We believe a corn field will help produce biofuel for large tractors and other machinery on the farm We believe that by implementing riparian buffers around the unprotected creek bed, using shrubs, tall grasses and dog wood, we can significantly reduce encroachment and even reduce runoff contamination Our main goal is to use our new ideas to educate and promote the local community of the work being done on this farm
We want to bring in students for fieldtrips and we think we have a better chance of doing this by creating a butterfly garden whcih is extremely low maintenance and will attract more youth You can also help to educate the local Six Nations native reserve and provide them with ideas on how to improve their environmental footprint as well By implementing these changes, we can greatly reduce the unhealthy effects the farm currently has on the environment Some changes will be seen faster the others but we guarantee you will be satisfied with our plans when all these ideas have the chance to be put to work
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