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BLAST: Keratin

No description

Sweta Patel

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of BLAST: Keratin

BLAST Bioinformatics Directs the production of protein Keratin 1 Keratin 1 KRT1 Gene Keratin 1 Function: Continued Keratin 1 Predictions/Expectations Keratin 1 Is it possible to find the same gene in two different kinds of organisms but not find the protein that is produced from that gene? KRT 1 What if it's found in all tested organisms? Cladogram Horse KRT1 Other characteristics are still important in studies. Located on chromosome 12 Form keratinocyte cells Makes: skin
nails Produced in epidermis Function Forms keratin intermediate filaments Assemble into strong networks Provide strength and resilience to skin Protect skin from damage due to: friction
physical stresses Found in skin on palms and soles of feet Protein is likely to be found in other organisms Primates
mammals in general Yes, it is possible. Several variations of skin skin on humans
scales on reptiles Organisms have a common ancestor Gene existed earlier in evolutionary tree Guinea pig African bush elephant Wild boar European rabbit Dog Rodents Primates Humans Keratin 1 similarities shows only part of relationship
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