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Xtra mile 2013

No description

xtra mile marketing your way

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Xtra mile 2013

Established in 2007
Employs 35 marketing professionals
Provides the following services:
Marketing strategy & marketing plans
Execution of all marketing & marcom activities
One stop shop for all marketing needs
Managed marketing and marcom services
Outsourcing services of marketing professionals
Global marketing for Start up’s
Global Business Development
Short and long term marketing projects
“Ha–Studio” – branding and graphic design
Building marketing programs, based on the client’s corporate strategy, that have direct impact on sales
Creating an annual marketing budget
Building measurable objectives for the marketing activities
Definition, design and implementation of a corporate identity
Management support for the sales strategy
Sales Pitch, marketing collateral, sales kit,
marketing content
Website, on-line and social media campaigns
ATL and BTL unique activities
Conferences, seminars and sponsorships for relevant events/exhibitions
Business initiatives and marketing activities with
business partners
Internal communications
We provide you with the specific marketing personnel you need
Full time/ part time
Specific skill set and professional level
Working from your office/our office
We Support your marketing experts with:
Professional lectures
Staff meetings and brain storming
On-line professional forum
Our Team includes:
Digital marketing managers
Marcom managers
Advertisement professionals
Experiential marketing
Content writers and editors
Telemarketing & telesales team
For Start Up's
Our code name “Versace suite” Projects
for start ups includes:
Converting the technological language to a business
Creating the customer’s end to end corporate identity
Designing and creating Web site, sales model and sales Kit
Our end to end global marketing
services include:
Defining the right business and pricing models for potential markets
Creating a global marketing strategy and tactic plan
Complete design and content for all marketing collaterals, Website and On line campaigns including banners, PPC & SEO affiliate programs, blogs, forums and newsletters
Liaison with advisory firms and international
gurus/trend setters
Incentive programs and marketing plans for distributors
Global Business Development
Locating and creating strategic partnerships with the leaders in the client’s market
Finding comprehensive solutions and creating partnership models
Planning and conducting joint campaigns with business partners
Pinpointing relevant marketing channels
Creating pricing models for each market
Identifying grants and investment opportunities
Marketing Projects
New market campaigns – for penetration to new markets
Branding and positioning campaigns
Product launches
Viral and social media campaigns
Integrated events
Unique internal conferences for management teams
Global Corporates:
On Line Marketing
Ha – Studio Graphic Design
Xtra Mile?
Vast experience in establishing, operating and managing
marketing & marcom activities

Over 15 years of experience in marketing & sales in the IT, high-tech and training markets globally

Proven results building marketing incentive programs, quantified measurement plans, strategic plans, and leading advertising campaigns
Close relationships with key forces in the Israeli
market, including major customers in the financial,
high-tech, telecom and software manufacturing
sectors and service companies, among them SAP,
Microsoft, Oracle, EMC, IBM, HP and Netapp

Intensive work with leading media players, PR firms
and gurus
Technologies & IT
Managed Marcom Activities
Our 360 ˚ brand & graphic design services include:
Corporate identity
Marketing collateral
Online presence
Visibility tools
“Eye catchers” for exhibition
Effective web design including:
Information and workflow design
Web design based on corporate identity
Design of landing pages with prominent call for action
Design of internal and external websites
Development of user-friendly and effective UI/UX
Design of FB pages, web campaigns and newsletters
Some of our customers...
start Ups
and many more :)
Thank you
for going with us the...
Building smart brand strategies

• Positioning Activetrail as a leader in business email marketing automation
• Creating visibility and exposure to focused relevant target audiences
• Shifting Transactions from Fax and telephone to on line
Creating a Demo
Call for action button "sign up for free"
Collaborations: Blue Snap, Allmarketing
Three times more all to all transactions
An increase of 140% in traffic
An increase of 180% in conversion
The Target
1. Market awareness of Opisoft's innovative services
2. Increasing IBM-PBM solution market share and
implementation projects
Target Market: Israeli enterprise and large organizations (starting from 800 employees)

Target Audience: CEO, CIO, CTO, BPM Managers, Business Methodology & Managers
The Concept
It All Come Down to Money Time.
Today, organization are measured by their fast response on critical moments
Road show which includes one on one presentations (private meetings ) to potential customers (2-3 hours)

1. Creating a common database (IBM & Opisoft)

2. Creating a unique call for action and phone script for the campaign

3. Produce the sales kit for the road show including presentations, success stories, give-aways
and short profile of the suggested solution
The campaign's preparations included
Campaign components:
1 .Direct marketing campaign targeting potential customers (enterprises)
– physical delivery of personalized gifts
2. Tele meeting campaign – contacting all the database reached by the
direct marketing campaign and scheduling private meetings
3. Scheduling meeting
The IBM – BPM Campaign 2012
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