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Video Conferencing

in the k 12 Classroom

jon larson

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Video Conferencing

Classroom Connections via Interactive Video Systems
Jon Larson
jlarson@ecmecc.k12.mn.us Assignments Administration
Provide support
Network upgrades
Personnel Classroom Teacher
Register with CILC.org
Plan ahead, get organized
Be Flexible Media Personel
Train your staff to use CILC.org
Help them Search for content
Learn to use the Equipment Tech Directors and Support staff;
Just Make the systems work
Like a VCR-Simple Plug and Play My Definition – What I am talking about here

Live interactive dialog between your students and another group
Live interactive dialog between your students and a professional or expert
Video, audio and data flow freely in both directions H.323 Manufactures
Lifesize What I am NOT talking about

Desktop video conferencing (Skype)
Movie or DVD So what do we do with these things Meetings
Scred (Special Education Coop)
MUG (Minnesota internet II Users Group)
Minnesota Telecommunication Coordinators
MILC (MN Interactive Learning Collaboration) Classroom Connections
Field Trips To . . . . Staff Development
Google Applications
Web 2.0 Tools
Response to Intervention
Quantifying Differentiated Instruction
The Power Of One: Changing the World of Education One Teacher At A Time
Mathematics Vocabulary: Unraveling the Mysteries Interactive Television Classes
30+ Daily classes with up to 6 sites
500+ Students
Upgraded all classrooms to h.323 - 2010 Collaboration (Large Groups)
Mega Conference Jr Multi National
Read across America
Mystery Quests

Minnesota Wellness Conference May 2010

Minnesota State Parks-October 2010
mnmysteryquest.wikispaces.com Collaborations (one to one)
Pen Pals
Flat Stanley
Book Talks
Cultural Studies
Music Concerts Paid Field Trips To . . . .
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Royal Tyrrell Museum
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Adventures In Medicine & Science (AIMS)
. . . . . . AND THE LIST GOES ON . . . Free Interactive Field Trips
National Park Service
Smithsonian Museum Search for Conferences and Collaborations:

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

Collaborations Around the Plant

NASA’s Digital Learning Network

National Park Service

My Page O’Links

Minnesota Providers
International Wolf Center - www.wolf.org
Minnesota Historical Society - www.mnhs.org/ivc
Minnesota Zoo - www.mnzoo.org/ivc
Cowles Center thecowlescenter.org Meetings
Interactive Television Classes
Staff Development
Field Trips Thank you for your Time
Jon Larson
http://goo.gl/96fpe to view this Prezi How to get people started using Video Conferencing

Staff Development
Demonstration with a provider
Content Dollar Bank (prime the pump)
Hold their hand Kindergarten - 4th year 3rd year to 7th year Math Language Social Arts - Music Health Science
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