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Power Point Presentation!


Lianna Preston

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Power Point Presentation!

NINTENDO TIMELINE NINTENDO TIMELINE TIME LINE SUMMARY THE BEGINNING NINTENDO TIMELINE 1989 SOURCES http://www.experts-exchange.com/Gamers/Consoles/A_1077-Choosing-the-best-console.html Presentation by: Lianna Preston POP QUIZ! Which of these choices is affiliated with the franchise Nintendo?

a. A Love Tester device
b. Hanafuda trading cards
c. A children's toy called Ultra Hand
d. NES
e. All of the above Founded in 1889, by Fusajiro Yamauchi
in Kyoto, Japan.

-1889 through 1946
Hanafuda Trading Card Company

-1856 through 1874
Children's Toys

- 1974 to present
Video Game Industry Ultra Machine The Love Tester Ultra Hand Marble The Color TV Game PONG! 1974 Hired Shigeru Miyamoto http://www.n-sider.com/contentview.php?contentid=34 http://www.xtimeline.com/timeline/History-of-Nintendo http://blog.beforemario.com/p/nintendo-before-mario.html. http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Corporate/Nintendo-History/Nintendo-History-625945.html 1983 Famicom = Family Computer 1985 The NES = Nintendo Entertainment System was released! FAMICOM NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Shigeru Miyamoto Some of the popular NES games included... The Game Boy Franchise Began! 1991 The SNES was released 1996 Nintendo 64 1998 Game Boy Color 2001 Game Cube and Game Boy Advanced 2006 Nintendo Wii and Game Boy DS/3DS GAME BOY PROGRESSION GAME CONSULE PROGRESSION Game Cube Wii Wii U SNES Nintendo 64 Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy SP Game Boy Advanced Game Boy DS Game Boy 3DS 2012 Wii U
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