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Lucia Guerrero Prompto

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Science, technology,
and postmodernism Ursula K. Heise POSTMODERNISM may be:
a chronological period,
a style of contemporary art
and literary texts,
social structures at the
end of the 20th C.,
a change of values of certain societies,
or a way of thinking about language,
knowledge or identity. leads to Ambivalent relation between science,
technology and postmodernism Postmodern: some of the latest technological and scientific advancements perceived as ushering a new era or society. Postmodern current of
thoughts have criticized
science, with its roots in
the Enlightenment, as
there is a crisis of
legitimation of science Communication technologies, biotechnology and ecology may seem natural to us, but are in fact legacies of modernity and therefore help to understand some relations of the postmodern and science and technology. Computers Biotechnology Ecology Crisis of legitimization Oppression: technology over environment / technology over people Postmodern critique Social constructedness Ideology Objective and
pluralist Lost of faith
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