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intuVision and exacqVision

An overview of intuVision’s intelligent surveillance video solution, Panoptes, and a brief tutorial of our new event linking capabilities.

intuVision Inc.

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of intuVision and exacqVision

integration of intuVision video analytics with exacqVision
Automatic Event Detection with Panoptes
Decrease manual analysis time
Automatically detect user defined events
Selectively record durations of interest

Panoptes automatically analyzes surveillance video in real time, alerting you to intruders and other malign events.
Intruder Alarm
Using the exacqVision tie-in, video recording is triggered by predefined events, only recording durations of interest.
Panoptes provides 7 EventSpies:
Suspicious objects left behind in sensitive areas may indicate possible explosives or an exchange of illegal objects.
Abandoned Object Alarm
People entering alarmed areas may indicate thieves or other intruders.
Activity Alarm
Objects following a path may indicate vehicles driving down one way streets or people entering exit-only walkways.
Direction Alarm
A missing object may indicate a robbery or the occurrence of an illegal exchange.
Robbery Alert
Idle Alert
People or vehicles loitering in sensitive areas may be collecting information or waiting for an exchange.
People crossing a line may be approaching a building, crossing a barrier, or looking to escape.
A zone violation may indicate possible intrusions or tailgating events.
Line Crossing Alert
Perimeter Alert
Left Object
Line Crossing
Object Taken
Linking your exacqVision Device with an Event Spy, a two part integration
Right click on
Video Management Systems
, select
, and select
exacqVision VMS
Ingesting exacqVision video into Panoptes
Sending event triggers to exacqVision
Your exacqVision server is added to Panoptes in one easy step, allowing you to ingest any camera from exacq. No worry about camera compatibility, any camera from exacq works in Panoptes!
Configure VMS
Click on new VMS in list
Complete the VMS Properties
to save changes
Panoptes takes care of all of the processing, but allows you to sent triggers directly to exacqVision. Either record video sections of interest, or generic soft triggers, giving you the greatest flexibility with your events.
Fill fields indicated with a star; this information is used to interface with the linked device
Expand Triggers
, right click on
Output Triggers
, and navigate to the desired trigger
Click on the new trigger to configure
Click on the linking icon to select events to link. Multiple events can be added to each link
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