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ryan nott

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Fracking

What is Fracking
How to combat the dangers of fracking
Clean Energy benefits
Encourage the use of electric cars to decrease the amount of natural gas being used for regular cars.
That would lower the amount of fracking happening and would lower the risks that it has against our communities.
Give tax breaks to those with electric cars.
People would be more wiling to the idea to buy electric cars
Encourage communities to be committed to promoting electric cars and charging stations.
Having electric cars would have a positive impact because if it really caught on, clean energy would take off and we would could implement charging stations in town that the cars can be charged by.
The Problem
Approximately 15.3 million people are affected by living near fracking wells.
After the physical fracking occurs, the water with the chemicals in it are transported to treatment sites to be refined for human consumption.
Sometimes, the chemicals leak from the concrete pipes into the groundwater, contaminating it for anyone unfortunate enough to live near wells.
Fracking chemicals cause multiple types of cancer and disease, such as sensory diseases and multiple forms of cancer.
Get the frack out of our Water! How to fix the problem of fracking on the western slope.
Fracking was engineered in 1947 and fully developed two years later.
Current regulations don't limit distance from populated areas, well enough. (350ft)
Only basic tests are required and not often enough
To solve this problem, the distance between populated areas and fracking wells should be increased to 5 square miles, and fracking wells should be forced to go through more extensive testing more often.
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