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Dalal Almaghrabi

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Almarai

Almarai history : Inspired vision:
It is success story begins in 1977. It was around then that HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saudi Al Kabeer, our visionary Chairman, recognized an opportunity to transform Saudi Arabia’s traditional dairy farming industry to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding domestic market. Under his guidance and patronage, numerous agricultural projects were launched to achieve his vision. Starting with fresh milk and laban processing, the scale and scope of these initiatives soon expanded to incorporate modern dairy farms and state-of-the-art processing plants.

To be the consumers’ preferred choice by leading in our chosen markets with superior food and beverage products.

To provide quality, nutritious food and beverages that enrich our consumers’ lives every day.

Adaptable, Sharing, Passionate, Innovative
Respect, Excellence. The Field of Company: Working in the fields of agriculture, dairy products, and food distribution vision statement : Mission statement : Our values: Almarai product : 1- Dairy Liquids. 5- bakery 2- Yoghurts and Desserts 3-Foods. Zabadi, Gishta and Labneh to Fruit
Yoghurts and Crème Caramel such as Lactofree lactose-free milk,
Vetal Milk and Vetal Laban Cream Cheese, Feta, Mozzarella, Butter
Cream and Ghee 4-Fruit Juices Fruit Juice range features 14 different
flavors in a choice of convenient
packaging styles bakery offering incorporates two brands: 7 Days and Lusine
breads, croissants, cakes, biscuits
and ready-to-eat pastries 6-Poultry In 2010, Almarai Company
launched a new poultry brand 7-Infant Formula The International Pediatric Nutrition Company combines Almarai’s quality you trust to bring the finest nutrition to your family, with Mead Johnson’s century-long heritage of pediatric science and dedication to providing infants with the best life. The Ethical dilemma which faced the company : The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has reported that it found amounts of milk products of "Almarai" in the supermarket that the company edited the date of production two days after the real day of production. The ministry said in its account in twitter, that this is the "third time" they detect that the company's products had been edited to future dates of production, noting that this work is illegal and required a punishment because it is consumer fraud. The Consequences of
ethical dilemma: At the first time that the company has edited the dates to the future dates,
the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has withdrawn these products from the market and give the company a warning on that work. At the second and third time, The Ministry has did the following:
1. Withdraw those products from the market.
2. Call the officials of Almarai to investigate with them because of repeated this illegal works
3. The ministry said that this illegal work requires punishment, so the ministry raised two issues of Almarai company to the Bureau Investigation and Prosecution.
* The Office of the Ombudsman i will write the final judgment about this issue in coming period. Almarai company has did this ethical issue 3 times This presentation will focus on Almarai ethical issue The Field of Company Outlines Almarai
product Almarai history The Ethical dilemma or
issue which faced the company The Consequences
of ethical dilemma The solution or the end of the ethical dilemma The Solution : or the end of the ethical dilemma The officials in Almarai said their viewpoint about the issue that raised against them by the ministry because of the future dates of production on the company's products as explained by saying: "In the beginning of Ramadan came to markets a very limited number of fresh milk products that had an error in the date of production, confirming that the company is caring and will continue to perform its mission in providing high quality food products that are available for everyone."

Almarai added that this issue will not affect at all in the quality of these products and suitability for consumption to the last day of the expiry date that shown on the package, and ensuring the quality of their products .We are working internally to find out the reasons that led to this issue and avoid them in the future. Done By :Dalal Almaghrabi
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