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ACT Vocabulary

No description

Crystal King

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of ACT Vocabulary

Mrs. Wilson
F Hour
Renaissance HS
Synonyms: decorative, fancy, ornate
Antonyms: messy, sloppy, dirty
Sentence: We could tell Auntie Anne was preparing to make her house ornamental for Christmas. She had ten boxes of tinsel just to decorate the inside of her home.
Definition: serving or intended as an ornament
My Words: using decoration to make something look better.
Definition: extremely small
My Words: very tiny
Synonyms: tiny, miniature, microscopic
Antonyms: big, huge, large
Sentence: I was frightened by the bark of my best friend’s dog as I entered her house. When the animal revealed itself, I laughed at its minuscule size.
Definition: wicked or criminal
My Words: being extremely mean
Synonyms: evil, sinful, iniquitous
Antonyms: nice, kind, sympathetic
Sentence: My nefarious little sister put a red sock in the washing machine with my load of all white shirts; I know she did it on purpose.
Antonyms: argument, disagreement, speech
Vocab. #4 (11-20)
ACT Vocabulary
Crystal King & Dewey Jones
Definition: treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority
My Words: to support someone financially
Synonyms: support, treat condescendingly, condescend to
Antonyms: bitter,mean,rude
Sentence: My mother frequently patronizes the homeless man that stands on the corner near our home. She feels bad for him so she gives him money and sometimes food.
Definition: conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies
My Words: the act of talking quickly and smartly
Synonyms: banter, wordplay, wit
Definition: avoid or neglect a duty or responsibility
My Words: not doing something that you are supposed to do
Synonyms: evade, dodge, avoid
Antonyms: accept, receive, take
Sentence: My sister was supposed to clean her room like my mother told her to. Instead she shirked my mother’s request.
Definition: assistance and support in times of hardship and distress
My Words: doing something to help someone who is in a tough situation
Synonyms: aid, help, a helping hand
Antonyms: abandon, desert, leave
Sentence: The wealthy man was quick to give succor to the woman whose home was foreclosed; she insisted that she would pay him back but he refused to accept.
Definition: a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation
My Words: a long and angry speech
Synonyms: diatribe, harangue, rant
Antonyms: calm, quiet, reserved
Sentence: After I dyed my hair without my mother’s permission, she gave me a tirade about how irresponsible I was.
Definition: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience
My Words: a serious injury
Synonyms: shock, upheaval, distress
Antonyms: relief, comfort, healing
Sentence: Carlos experienced extreme trauma after being hit by a car. The unsympathetic driver said Carlos should have looked both ways.
Definition: playfully quaint or fanciful in an appealing and amusing way
My Words: full of playfulness
Synonyms: fanciful, playful, mischievous
Antonyms: boring, sad, serious
Sentence: The whimsical little girl played and colored with all the other children. She seemed to remain happy at all times.
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