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Top five reasons why you should be proud to be Catholic.

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katrina fernandes

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Top five reasons why you should be proud to be Catholic.

Top five reasons why you should
be proud to be Catholic 2. The Catholic Church teaches
general good morals and values that
everyone should use. 3. The Catholic church welcomes everyone and provides a safe environment. Proud to be Catholic! 1. Catholics have an important
role in society and have participated a lot. The Catholic church is not only for people who believe in Christ and want to participate in mass, it is also a charity. The small weekly donation that Catholics give to the church go a long way with helping institutions like; schools, hospitals, help centres, etc. Catholics have an important role now with supporting society, but they also helped shape important institutions in the past. The Catholic church has ideas not only related to the teachings of the bible but also ideas that can help society in modern days. It has general ideas that everyone can relate to and use to help make society better. If people followed and understood the teachings, society would not have as many complications. The Catholic church welcomes everyone to come join in and worship. Anyone is allowed to come to mass to hear the word of the Lord and to be closer with God. You can even go just to escape and clear your mind from the pressures and stresses of society. People who have received the Sacrament of First Communion can go up to the alter to receive the Eucharist. Catholics are called to live their lives the way God tells us to, not doing whatever we want to do. Catholics have strong beliefs and put a lot of faith into the church's teachings. They think it is important to live the way God intended them to. They are also called to serve like Jesus served. Therefore, good practicing Catholics will bring lots of peace and love to society and do good onto others. They are expected to respect everyone and know that the only person who shall judge is Jesus. The Catholic church has been around for a long time. The church has been around for many years. This means it has seen many generations and changes but it has still kept it's important rituals. This also means that the church is wise and has wise leaders. The church has different visions and outlooks on things that make it special. The Catholic church is for the people, and for their self growth. A good example of this is the Encyclicals written by the popes in support of our rights and social justice.
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