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Smoking on Marymount University Campus and Its Efeects on Student Health and Academic Performance

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Johlie Humphrey

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Smoking on Marymount University Campus and Its Efeects on Student Health and Academic Performance

Study Conducted by;
Agnes Akuga
Payton Bodecker
Rodrick Campbell
Balsam Elbayya
Lauren Farley
Johlie Humphrey
Aileen Maknati
Shelby Mayfield
Jason Wagner Smoking on Marymount University Campus,
Its Effects on Student Health, &
Academic Performance Symnolic Interaction Theory Ernest Dichter's article "Why so we Smoke Cigarettes";
Psychological Satifaction
- universal desire for self expression
Physiological Satifaction Reguardless the reason for smoking theirs' and others' exposed are jeopardizing their health and academic performance Feild Research & Surveys CONCLUDE;
smoking does not relieve the stress of college life but increases it for both the individual and others around them examines society by looking at
meaning people put on;
behaviors determine why they smoke?
how it effects others? 80% pick of smoking in adolescence
smoking prior to age 21 creates strongest addictions Our study's finding on why students smoke include;
"its fun"
Time to socialize
see it as a reward
relaxes them
just watch the smoke University of Minnesota's Boyton Health Services found;
students with unhealthy behaviors had significantly lower GPAs
same occured to nonsmokers exposed to the second hand smoke
-University of Hong Kong's School of Public Health found;
> 28% of nonsmokers exposed to 2nd hand smoke reported poor academic performance
> increase in exposure the more jeopardized their exposure the 1st time users cough violently, feel pain, burning in both throat and lungs
overtime the body adapts and slowly craves and depends on Nicotine Our Study States the Reasons Why Students Smoke Observing the Fumes Form of Entertainment Social Interaction Reward Relaxing becomes time consuming, leaving limited time for nonsmoking friends
zero tolerance adopted by public facilities limits time spent around others nicotine is a stimulant not relaxant
cause of the stress due to withdrawal Effects on Society Percent that become Smokers When They Have Been Exposed to Households Smokers
Heavy Smokers
Light Smokers
Non Smokers Contains Substances like;
Carbon Monoxide
Ammonia Harm to the Body
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