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business plan

No description

Lior Navon

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of business plan

About israelease israelease.com - vacation rental platform Israelease.com is an online booking platform for vacation rentals in israel.

Israelease founded in the mid of 2011 and lunched the first version of the site in the end of 2011.

Our on-line directory offers 350 villas, apartments and houses fully furnished and completely equipped of the highest of standards, located in Israel's most popular towns and cities.

Our target is to establish long term relationship with owners
israelease team provide full costumer service in 5 different languages to renters and owners 24/7.

Lior Navon - Entrepreneur, Investment Manager with 5 years experience and 3 years experience in project management.
B.A in Economics and Management.
MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Lior Roth - Entrepreneur, Owner of Babylon - Real estate investment Agency in Paris. 4 years of experience in Asset management.
B.A in Business management and International business.

Israelease team has very good connections with the local property owners and great marketing and costumer service skills. Our business strategy New market strategy- India Marketing plan During the first year of israelease we developed our platform by learning our users and owners needs.

We also have invested time to collect 350 quality apartments in the best standards and locations in Israel.

We had 46K unique visitors in our site n 2012 and 250 bookings on our platform.

We have marketing campaign on google adwords and yandex.

Network of medical tourism agent in Israel and Russia that working with our platform(30K tourist coming every year to Israel).

Now with our new platform and large marketing budget we can reach to 15% - 20% market share in a year. Financial Forecast(USD) 2013 forecast -
with 13% market share and up to 900 apartments buy the end of 2013 this are the expectations:
total income expected - 435K usd
payroll - 160k
marketing - 224k
all other expenses - 40k
profit after tax - balanced

2014 forecast -
with 25% market share and up to 1280 apartments buy the end of 2014 this are the expectations:
total income expected - 1650K
payroll - 224k
marketing - 224k
all other expenses -80k
profit after tax - 830K By providing full costumer services to our clients and full marketing services to our owners we are bringing new way of advertising property's in the local vacation rentals market.

We charge 15% of the renter on every booking.

Our new platform designed with very high standards and it will provide social features, new management system and selection of new features that will make a perfect user experience for our clients.

Zimmer's - Start working with this clients and tent their rooms to tourists.

We aim to reach market share in israel of 20% and 900 apartments by the end of 2013.

We planing to start working in India vacation rentals market very soon. In the last few months we working on new business strategy in India.

we found partner in India that has the online marketing experience and strong understanding of local market in India.

market potential:
750M in domestic tourism a year and 6.2M of global tourism.
10K vacation rentals in the market today and expected to grow to 30K in 3 years.
Airbnb started working in this market 6 months ago and has over 4000 apartments offered in her platform.
There are 200k rooms missing every year in india.

our plan:
in the first 6 months we will work with team of 6 persons from our partner office in Delhi. during this period we will use our partner marketing skills to create SEO network for our platform in India.
our goal in this first 6 month is to load 1000 apartments to our platform in different city's in the main city's of India .
the next stage will be to open local offices in other main city's and start marketing campaign.
the investment needed is 125k in the first year.

our goal:
reach 10% of market share and 2000 apartments in the first year and 15% of market share and 5000 apartments in the second year.
we will start to be balanced after 6 months and make profits in the end on the third quarter. 2013 forecast -
with 10% market share and up to 1800 apartments buy the end of 2013 this are the expectations:
total income expected - 93K usd
payroll - 50k
marketing - 24k
all other expenses - 40k
lost in first year - 43K

2014 forecast -
with 20% market share and up to 5000 apartments buy the end of 2013 this are the expectations:
total income expected - 500K usd
payroll - 84k
marketing - 60k
all other expenses - 90k
profit after tax - 170K Israel India Israelease.com - new platform Thank you The Market Israel has 3.5 million tourist arrivals in 2012 and Tourism Ministry target of attracting 5 million tourists a year by 2015.

According to Tourism Ministry figures, in the first half of 2011, 2 percent of Israel's approximately 3.4 million tourists stayed in rented apartments.

Medical tourism - this market growing fast and has 30k tourist a year.

Today there are approximately 2500-3000 vacation rentals in Israel and the expected to grow to 5500-6000 in 2015.

Zimmer's - There are 15K rooms under this category renting mostly for domestic tourism.

Vacation rentals market is the hottest trend today and growing very fast in the world during the last 3 years. New design for the home page Social integration Featured property's New logo Dynamic search options
based on Ajax. list, map and photos view Track you last property's views new management system for owners
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