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Copy of Teamwork

Introduction to teamwork, communication skills and active listening!

Zara Hooley

on 12 October 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Teamwork

TEAMWORK GAME Initial Reflection What strengths and weaknesses do you
bring to a teamwork situation? 1. forming
2. storming
3. norming
4. performing
5. adjourning Tuckman's five-stage team development model S
T Specific
Time-bound Significant, Stretching, Simple Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable Achievable, Agreed, Assignable, Actionable, Action-oriented Realistic, Results-oriented, Resourced Time-oriented, Time-Specific, Timetabled, Time limited, Trackable, Tangible communicate goals and important information

give clear instructions

always ensure 2-way-communication Key skills for good teamwork Work through this self-perception questionnaire and investigate the type it indicates. (Allow 20 mins)

Reflect on how far you agree with the type. How useful do you think these types of psychometric tools are? Add your comments to the friendfeed discussion below. When starting out in teams

define tasks

assign who is responsible for each task

define deadlines New Teams GOALS COMMUNICATION Time to get your headphones Reflect on this model. How
does this relate to your experience
of working in a team. Add some
comments to the friendfeed discussion In other words...develop some shared goals Key skills for good teamwork In order to work well in a team it is important to understand our own working preferences. The way we prefer to work on a team task, or problem will influence the way we communicate and work with others. This topic often comes up in interviews. Employers will expect you to have thought about your views on effective teamwork. Time to get your headphones You have completed the Teamwork topic. Press escape and go back to the topic page for further reading ideas.

Then return to the Unit 1 home page. From here you can investigate more topics or attempt the final submission. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp One minute audio clip
Please wait while it loads http://friendfeed.com/zoeenstone/a5571801/unit-1-employability-core-skills-teamwork-team http://friendfeed.com/zoeenstone/d8c86e28/unit-1-employability-core-skills-teamwork
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