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Account Service BootCamp

No description

John Lonsdorf

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Account Service BootCamp

Failure to demonstrate value

Not managing client's expectations

Disappearing for long periods

Shoddy work

Forgetting that it is, first and foremost, a BUSINESS relationship
...or disrespecting the pecking order

Unrealistic budgets
Too small -- agency underperforms
Too large -- client feels gypped

Account staff turnover

"There's a new sheriff in town" Takeaways Some of those things they don't teach you in college VALUE for their investment
Industry Knowledge
Geographic Reach
Consistency (Clients hate surprises)
Empowered Contacts
No Self-Interest
Cost Effectiveness What do your clients expect from our agency? Recipe for Account Service Success The accounts that you work on are your franchise

Own them
Grow them
Make them profitable Your Franchise Let's have a little brainstorm!

- What do clients expect from the agency?

- What do clients expect from YOU? What do your clients expect from you? Knows the industry and markets
Makes their job easier
Is organized and dependable
Is empowered to make decisions
Demonstrates a passion for solving problems
Is willing to be BOTH a consultant AND a vendor
Is not learning on the job Account service:
The client wants someone who... - You develop a good strategic plan

- You execute against that plan over time

- You measure your results

- The client loves you, you get paid, and your boss is thrilled!

- You get to brag to your family about all of your wonderful accomplishments over Thanksgiving dinner.

- The awards come POURING in!

- You get a raise and promotion! What YOU think it's all about: Awards aren't all they are cracked up to be.

Your family will NEVER really understand what you do for a living -- get used to it!

Agencies -- even GOOD agencies doing GOOD work -- get fired by clients all the time

There is only so much you can do from a "work" standpoint to keep an account (which doesn't mean you shouldn't give it your all!)

Reasons that agencies get fired... But here's the dirty little secret: Think AND act as if you own the agency
Add value
Don't be "just a vendor" (but also, don't disrespect the pecking order!)
Keep the client at their job (or get him/her promoted)
Take charge of your time and focus
Get marketing smart
Ask your clients better/proactive questions
Take bold ideas to your clients (and do it regularly)
Monitor your digital presence (for yourself and the agency)
Hone your presentation skills
Use processes and systems to lead your team, clients and budget
Sharpen your saw regularly Therefore...

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do is to help your client keep their job or get promoted

Equally as important: Get known and valued within the client's company -- at the highest level and deep within The average job tenure for a CMO is 18 months! Find out how your client's performance is measured

Figure out what his or her goals are

How you can you help them achieve these goals? Discover... Questions? Some Reasons Agencies get Canned Let's Look at some of the root causes of agencies getting the boot Dirty little secret that you need to know: In short: ADD VALUE! Giving (and taking) credit for success...
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