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Grace Geldard,Graphics.

year 8 !

Grace Geldard

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Grace Geldard,Graphics.

TECHNOLOGY YEAR 8 Grace Geldard DESIGN BRIEF: This Term in Graphics (Technology) we have to create our own logo for a clothing range using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We get to create this ourselves which is great as our creative side is going to be exploding with ideas. We have to create one print on paper and another one printed on fabric. We also have to create a swing tag that display's our design for our range of clothing based on our logo. This is going to be a creative task that is going to be fun, enjoyable and exciting !

"Follow exact instructions!" There are many limitations to this project, we have to complete this task by a certain time (Term 3 Week 9) for it to get marked. Time is definitely a limitation as we need to complete it and only have a few graphic lessons a week. Missing out on work because of excursions, school trips etc are all factors that contribute to the limitations as we will miss out on lessons. If you have distractions around you you will get behind on work, helping others makes you also fall behind. Not knowing how to use a program will also be a limitation as you will have to spend more time learning about it such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Equipment such as: printer, scanner are also limitations as there is only one of each and over 20 of us- we must keep organized and ahead of work so we can all equally use the items on time. A well designed graphic image will look amazing, it will look professional and sophisticated. It will have colors that go together and appealing to the eye's. It has to be original and unique. I also think that to be successful the logo needs to be catchy and stay's in the audience's head. Handing it on time and finishing it to the best of my ability is very important. I need to finish it well and hand it in on time as I'll get marked down if I have no work to hand in.

"Keep on task to succeed & do the maximum" Criteria for success: DESIGN LIMITATIONS: “With God, all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26) “With God nothing is impossible” (Luke 1:37) ! Potential Logo names: Koukla
Shane & Lilly
Pip & Pop Labelling Requirements: The label is requires to have: the name of the country it was made in and the trade description.
A bar code is needed on the actual label
What the material is made from. Example 71% cotton, this would be placed on the tag somewhere.
Have everything even and centered (logo=middle of swing tag.) The winner is ...... BECAUSE: Koukla ! I chose the name Koukla because I love the way it flows of the tongue, its unusual, catchy, quirky and even in a different language ! The word Koukla in Greek mean's a doll. To incorporate something like that into a logo is smart, since it is unusual it will stick in someone's head and they will be curious to find out more! Time Management Plan: Investigating: Thinking: P: It's girly and classy, it's simple but it can defiantly stay in the audiences mind. I love how it's unique and different.
M: It's simple and only black and white. It's a touch boring
I: How the O is actually the dolls head. P: How it is straight forward and no special font. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.
M: It has no colour and is a bit baring.
I: It is plain/simple unlike the majority of logo's in our world today. P: It;s eye catching as it does down, it's easy to understand and very girly as the font is curly.
M: It's a bit boring and some letters are hard to read.
I: The way that the letters go down instead of across like normal writing. P: It's easy to read and understand. The bubble writing (font) is eye catching and unique.
M: It's not that interesting and no colour has been used.
I: The chosen font and how the two K's sort of stand out. P: The doll and the name look really cute together and girly. The girl doesn't have a body enhancing the logo name.
M: It's not that eye catching and not that amazingly fantastic. Nothing pops out !
I: The doll's features. How her hair sits and how she has no body either. P: Since it is circular you can fit more onto the tag, it is simple and easy to read.
M: It doesn't look professional
having a curricular tag.
I: The hole where the string goes is a square. P: A triangle is not seen regularly on tag , it's simple and easy to read.
M: The information is a bit squishy and unorganized.
I: The Koukla writing on the front of the tag, it looks really unique. P: It is genuine and it is very original, all the shops generally have this logo. It is very modern and effective.
M: It is commonly used and I would feel like I'm copying someone.
I: The string coming out of it is very curvy/tangled. P: It has a nice shape, it's unique and quirky. You don't see this look on a tag much.
M: The back of the tag doesn't have a hole.
I: How Koukla is written everywhere on the tag. P: The K stands out, it is easy to recognize and respond to.
M: The back of the tag looks cluttered as it is a small tag.
I: The love heart incorporated with the logo.
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