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No description

jenny ramirez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of biome

Rainforest THE GREEN SPOTS IS WHERE THE SOUTH EAST ASIAN RAINFOREST IS AT ................. THE RAINFOREST IS 77 TO 88% HUMIDITY RAIN FORESTS BELONG TO THE TROPICAL WET CLIMATE GROUP. THE TEMPERTURE IN A RAIN FOREST RARELY GET HIGHER THAN 93 F (34 C) OR DROPS 68 F (20 C). The Rain Forest is a hot, wet , and has a lot of humidity. The rainforest earns the award for being green and wet. food chain flora (plants) fauna ( animals) bengal bamboo It does very well in moist environment with a lot of rainfall. Jambo jambo is a small tree that grows up to I0 to 20 feet high strangler fig jambu fruit dove jambu fruit dove has a small head and has a small yellow or orange beak king cobra they are mostly found by the river and a long the edges of the forest. bengal tiger the bengal tiger can get up to 575 pounds. They are not the biggest tiger in the world.
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