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Michael Bolton vs. The Isley Brothers

No description

Sacred Newman

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Michael Bolton vs. The Isley Brothers

Workplace Ethics In The Music Industry: Copy Right Infringement

Michael Bolton vs. The Isley Brothers

Our Position Ruling:
- In 1991 Despite Michael Bolton and the co-author of the song’s argument that there was insufficient evidence supporting the jury’s findings, the district court found in favor of the Isley Brothers and left the largest award in history for plagiarism in the music industry intact.

-The Isley Brothers were awarded 5.4 million dollars, the calculation based on sixty-six percent of past and future royalties.

- (Also taken into account was twenty-eight percent of the past and future royalties of the album Time, Love and Tenderness as Love is a Wonderful thing is contained within that album).
- Michael Bolton took parts out of the Isley brothers song "Love is A Wonderful Thing".
- He even took the title of the song as his own. Even though he claimed he had never heard the song in his life.
- He committed the action of copyright infringement , and plagiarism.
- There obviously couldn't be a coincidence with there being the exact same lyrics with the exact same song title.
- Michael Bolton was blatantly in the wrong.
Ethical Solution:
- In this situation Bolton was wrong for taking lyrics from the Isley Brothers original song.

- Bolton made it even worse by stealing the song title "Love is A Wonderful Thing".

- Boltons actions most likely caused the Isley Brothers to lose a portion of their recognition, considering that they weren't as well known.

- His actions allowed the Isley Brothers to earn twenty-eight percent in royalties from that album that the song was included in.

- Bolton could of gave them copyright rights. Or made them aware that he was using their content.

- Then again Bolton could of just made his own song instead of stealing from a group that wasn't as big as he was at the time.
Case Information:
The Isley Brothers aren't as well known a name as Michael Bolton, but unfortunately for Mr. Bolton, they share a song with the same name and some of the same lyrics. The Isley Brothers song was released in 1966 under the name “Love is a Wonderful Thing, Michael Bolton’s song was released in 1991. A suit was brought against Michael Bolton by the Isley Brothers for allegedly lifting parts from their original song of the same name.
Michael Bolton vs. The Isley Brothers
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