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Text features and purpose

No description

Jo Hart

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Text features and purpose

text purposes Advises about something gives information eg newspaper article, website Describes something with a "word picture" eg of a place or person Instruct you how to do/use something, are instructive eg recipes, user guides Informative Instructive Persuade you to buy/do something are persuasive texts eg adverts Persuasive attention get with punctuation & repetition!
adjectives to sound attractive
one-sided view direct language
verbs at start of sentence
numbered/bulleted pooints
imperatives (must/must not)
diagrams &/or pictures Descriptive adjectives and adverbs
refers to senses eg looks like tastes like avoid repetition
contain facts (are factual)
give information clearly
introduce & then develop subject Text features Contents table usually in books or long formal documents
makes it easier to find information
electronic ones often have links to the pages Glossary definitions of words in a text
usually found in books but also sometimes websites Index detailed alphabetical list with page numbers
usually found in books
good to find very specific information Brackets (parenthesis) attention getting
often use to separate extra information Emphasis underline, bold, italic, highlight
attract attention
a signal to remember Headings & subheadings top of page/paragraph
emphasised larger/bold/coloured etc
sum up topic in short prase 1-2 words Font styles/colours style and size for emphasis
add variety Diagrams, graphs etc visuals to explain or demonstrate ideas Sidebar (textbox) information box at side of page
often with border/coloured background
on websites they often contain menus
often with extra information to main text Pictures/illustrations support written text
add visual appeal to text Captions sentences describing illustration
usually below the picture but may be beside/above Bulleted/numbered lists call attention to main points
list examples
emphasise details
number steps in a process Looking at texts Features and purposes Features
diagrams etc
brackets Texts - understanding types
persuasive THE END :)
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