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All Food Back To Plant

Life science learning tatget 1

Bill teeth

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of All Food Back To Plant

The Energy Pyramid How Food Traces Back To Plants Step 1: Producers Final Review It all can start with just a simple plant. The plant takes the sunlight energy and turns it in to food. You now that, but did you know that almost all of that food is use up? Those plants are starving and they need that food. The primary consumers are things like bunnies and grasshoppers. These Animals are herbivores. They only eat plants. Theses animals get all there energy from the little bit of energy a plant has. Then they use up most of that energy for food. There are more plants then there are primary consumers. Step 2: The Primary Consumers Secondary consumers are like raccoons and snakes. They eat the primary consumers that eat the plants. They get the energy that the primary consumers store in there body that they get from the plants. Step 3: Secondary Consumers Tertiary Consumers are the last step in a food chain. They are things like bears and hawks. They eat the secondary consumers who eat the primary consumers. Then the primary consumes eat the plants so all that energy comes from plants. Step 4: Tertiary Consumers What did you learn? Summary: http://www.brainpop.com/science/energy/energypyramid/ Producer! Primary Consumer Secondary Consumer Questions
1. What role do producers play in a food chain?
2. What role do consumers play in a food chain?
3. How does the energy transfer from plant to animal to animal? What Did You Learn? Tertiary Consumer
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