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The U.S Invasion of Panama 1989

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Travis Roopnarine

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The U.S Invasion of Panama 1989

The U.S Invasion of Panama
What does each side claim?
What do they want?
By: Akash and Travis
Where in the world are we?
Which countries are involved?
American politician, and served as the 41st president.
A congressman, ambassador, and director of Central Intelligence.
The last former President who's a veteran of WW2
Ordered "Operation Just Cause" sending 24,000 troops into Panama to remove Noriega
George H.W Bush
Former Panamanian soldier and politician.
Became the Panamanian leader, general and dictator.
Paid informant of the C.I.A
Although he worked with the D.E.A, he supported drug dealers by laundering money.
Removed from power, captured and detained by the U.S for 8 counts of trafficking, racketeering and money laundering.
Manuel Noriega
The Key Players
The invasion was partly Noriega's fault for not co-operating and negotiating with the U.S
Noriega became corrupt by trafficking drugs, laundering money, working with drug dealers, and was also accused of selling American secrets to Cuba.
Noriega took over as dictator and refused to step down from power.
The U.S wanted to destroy the Panamanian Defense Forces, and to get rid of the treaty of the canal, so they can stay in Panama past the year 2000.
It was also illegal for the U.S to invade. The invasion broke international law, and its own government policies.
Why is the conflict taking place?
The invasion took place on December 20, 1989 in Panama and ended on January 3, 1990 when Noriega surrendered.
When did this take place?
Is it still taking place?
May 11,1989
September 1,1989
December 15,1989
December 20,1989
January 20,1989
May 7,1989
"The Americans are imperialists
and piranhas who want to gobble up the Panama Canal"
"The goals of the United States is to safeguard the lives of the Americans, to defend democracy in Panama, to combat drug trafficking, and to protect the integrity of the Panama Canal Treaty."
George H.W. Bush is inaugurated as president.
The Panamanian presidential election (Carlos Duque against Guillermo Endara). U.S. Government openly gives $10 million to the Endara campaign (it is illegal for a U.S. candidate to accept election funds from foreign sources). Election results are cancelled by the Panamanian Government on May 10. The Bush Administration sends 2,000 more troops.
President Bush recalls the U.S. ambassador and plans to dispatch about 1,700 soldiers and 165 marines in phases to reinforce troops already in Panama.
Provisional President Francisco Rodríguez takes office as President Solís Palma's term expires.
Manuel Noriega becomes dictator of Panama. Panamanians wanted Noriega out but, Noriega suspended constitutional rights, shut down newspapers, and radio stations in order to remain in power.
January 3,1990
At 1:00 a.m., U.S. officials install Guillermo Endara as Panama’s new president. The secret ceremony takes place on a military base Fort Clayton, one of 13 bases in the Canal Zone.
The invasion of Panama begins.
Manuel Noriega surrenders to U.S. troops and is immediately flown to prison in Florida.
Panamanian deaths were not of interest in the media, the interest was on American deaths.
The media was taken over in Panama by the military.
There are more murders of civillians then what the U.S reported. (U.S claimed 516) (Panama claimed 4000)
Bush's major mission tasks:
-Protect the U.S lives
-Capture Noriega
-Neutralize Panamanian Defense Forces, their control, and restructure their forces
-Support Creation of a U.S recognized government in Panama
Bush 's claimed it was to safeguard the lives, defend democracy, and human rights in Panama. He also said it was to combat drug trafficking, money laundering and protecting the honor of the Torrijos-Carter treaties.


Tyrants and Dictators - Manuel Noriega
The Panama Deception
The Panama Canal was built by the U.S
On 7 September 1977, President of the United States Jimmy Carter and the General of Panama, Omar Torrijos, signed the Torrijos–Carter Treaties
U.S would retain control until the year 2000.
History of Panama
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