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TOK Presentation: Abortion

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Ajay Gaikwad

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation: Abortion

Theory of Knowledge

By: Ajaysinh Gaikwad
The Real Life Situation
Helen Coleman from Rio de Janeiro accidentally gets pregnant the summer before her college.
She keeps the baby.
She drops out of
and moves in with her boyfriend.
She gets an abortion.
She is able to finish school, keep her social life,
and become a contributing member of society.
What Really Happened?
She kept the baby. She did indeed drop out of school,
go on welfare, and move in with her boyfriend.
How can we decide when abortion is ethical?
Many objections to abortion stem from strong emotional responses. Parents claim their lives wouldn't have been as meaningful if they had aborted their children. In addition, a human life is seen as sacred, due partially to religion. People also claim that it is a women's right to decide what she does with her body, an emotionally charged claim.
Oddly enough, reasoning would conclude that life begins at conception. Any other deciding point is arguable. However, the logical approach to abortion is disfigured by the overwhelming amount of emotion that goes into the decision making process.
More Real Life Situations
An expecting mother finds out that the baby she's carrying may be a threat to her life. Should she abort the child to save her own life?
An expecting mother finds out that the baby she's carrying is diagnosed with Tay-Sachs Disease. Should she abort the child to save it from a shortened life full of pain?
A victim of rape finds out she is pregnant as a result of the rape. Should she be allowed to abort the child?
Poverty, rape, disability or unwantedness do not justify abortion. To what extent is this statement correct?
Another Knowledge Issue!
Again there is the same scenario where reason goes against emotion.
Reasoning Vs. Emotion
This is a timeless battle between
two opposing Ways of Knowing. People feel as though they have an emotional privilege to having basic human rights. Yet, logic would claim that, after conception, a women's body isn't just her body anymore. Her decisions affect not only her, but the child she is now carrying.
Emotions tend to be so personal that
they can cloud over better judgement and reason. However, logic tends to be so objective that it doesn't cloud over for specific circumstances. A proper balance must be obtained before deciding when abortion is ethical, and even then, it must be on a
She keeps the child,
but gives it up for adoption.
This way, She can still
live her life and give her child
a sound home and future.
Thank You!
This lead to my knowledge issue:
Areas of Knowledge:
Human Sciences
Ways of Knowing:
Human Sciences claim that abortion should be allowed as in certain cases it may harm the pregnant women.
Whereas Ethics say that killing a fetus is a crime as it is also a living being. All the religious people support this.
Then a question arises from it, when does life begin?
Is it when the egg fertilized? or is it when the baby is born?
Abortion should be legal in countries as in many cases parents may not have the money they will need in order to rise the child which may make the baby not important socially as well as economically.
Personal Views:

What caught my attention

I had come across a true story of Helen Coleman which really had a impact on me. I started to wonder where people go wrong.
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