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Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Alternatives to pain management

Kimberly Cooper

on 20 July 2011

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Transcript of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Complementary and Alternative Therapies Holistic Care Mind - Body Therapies Manipulative & Body Therapies Biologically Based Therapies Energy Therapies Mind Body Soul Journaling
Music Therapy
Animal Assisted Therapy Journaling is a reflective therapy.Writing helps individuals to express feelings, gain new perspectives. Just write what comes to your mind. Not meant to be shared. Imagery - Mental Representation of an object, place, or event. Percieved
through the senses. Usually facilatated by someone.(nurse, family).
Reduces pain
Reduces N/V
decreases anxiety
promotes comfort When changing a dressing or performing
a procedure, have the patient think
of something pleasant, or a beautiful scene. Meditate by clearing the mind Music Therapy can be
Calming, and have reminiscent properties AAT - Dogs can help with ambulation and other motor skills. Pet Visitation
improves socialization and decreases depression, and anxiety Massage - Reflexology
Tai - Chi Pressure strokes provide relaxation,
and release endorphins promoting pain relief Tai - Chi = repetitive movements promote the
the flow of energy - chi- throughout the body.
The person concentrates on breathing, body movements
and clearing their mind These are natural substances used for healing Aromatheraphy
Herbs essential oils from
various plants to
provide comfort
and healing Used topically, compresses, or baths

Lavendar & Rose help with sleep Assess for Allergies Herbs are plants used for medicinal purposes promote healing prevent disease cure ailments Be careful - patient may use instead of seeking conventional medicine, which would work better. ***energy fields**exist around our physical bodies
Based on Chinese & Japanese medicine Theraputic Touch
Healing Touch
Reiki Doesnt involve actual touching Key Points: As nurses what do we need to KNOW: 1. Evaluate patient and family to see if they use CAM. Look for educational needs II. Teach about Herbal preparations; overdose, toxocity, and drug/herb interactions. Health Promotion & Maintenance CAM Therapies
Assess patients need for possibilities
Include therapy in plan of care
4 Catagories
Mind & body
Manipulative & body
Biological Based Therapy
Energy Based Therapy Physioligocal Integrity (Keeping the body in perfect harmony)
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