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The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family

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Mia Raspberry

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family

Deep Structure in Entertainment
The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family
Institutions Important Messages
Deep Structure of Culture
Deep Structure can be defined as the conscious and unconscious assumptions that a culture makes about the world and the source of insight by which they base life.
Social Organizations, also known as social institutions, form the core of Deep Structure
The three most important of the organizations are: Family, State and Religion.
The Deep structure of a culture can bring about ethical and cultural confrontations around the world.
Cultures tend to clash when their views and social institutions don't match.
People look to these institutions of deep structure as a necessary source for living and renewal of the culture.
Institutions Messages Endure/Deeply Felt
The institutions work together in harmony to maintain the wisdom, traditions and customs that make a the culture unique.
The content created by these institutions as well as the institutions themselves, can cause profound and emotional feeling.
Institutions Supply Personal Identity
From these three institutions, we begin to form our identities.
The most important features of identity are developed through these institutions.
Deep Structure
How does one justify the actions of one culture versus the actions of another?
How do we explain to ourselves and one another the purpose behind the actions that certain cultures take?
All these questions and more can be answered by addressing the concept of DEEP STRUCTURE.
The social institutions of family, state and religion carry the most important messages of the culture.
These three institutions help you decide how to live your life.
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