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Nazi Concentration Camps

No description

Carley Kavanaugh

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Nazi Concentration Camps

Nazi Concentration Camps

Extermination Camps
Extermination camps (or death camps) were camps during World War II between 1933 and 1945.
They were built primarily by Nazi Germany.
Created to kill millions of people by execution (mainly by gassing) and extreme work under starvation conditions.

Two major Extermination camps known for killing a large amount of Jews, Roma, and Poles in World War II are Camp Belzec, and Camp Auschwitz.

Belzec began with 3 gas chambers, which was later increased to 6, because of the increased amount of people who were sent to the camp.

Concentration Camps
Between 1933 and 1945, Nazi Germany established about 20,000 camps to imprison their victims.
These camps were used for many different purposes such as:
Forced Labor-Camps
Transit Camps
Extermination camps

By: Carley Kavanaugh, Samantha Fraser, Ethan Dauncey, and Joey Goulawski
Located in the Lublin district of South East Poland
Construction began in November 1941
Belzec was the first Nazi camp to have stationary gas chambers
Belzec closed in December 1942 after operating for just over a year
The Nazi's managed to kill over 600,000 people in that little time
The Holocaust
The Holocaust was the mass murder or genocide of approximately six million people during World War II which was led by Adolf Hitler and
the Nazi Party.

Of the nine million people who lived in Europe prior to the Holocaust, approximately two thirds of them were killed because of these events.
Located in southern part of Poland
Originally used for army barracks
Began operation in May 1940
The largest extermination camp established by the Nazi's
Contained a total of 8 gas chambers, along with crematoriums
Children were usually killed as soon as they arrived
Babies born on site were killed on the spot
Live children were thrown directly into the ovens or open burning pits
Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Union on January 27, 1945
The Nazi party exterminated an estimated 1.1 Million people at Auschwitz
Gas Chambers
People were sent to these extermination camps in trucks or trains by the thousands
People were told to undress completely so they could take a shower to disinfect themselves
Step 1:
Step 2:
Men, Women and Children were lead into a room which resembled a large shower room ; completely naked
After the doors shut, a Nazi would poor Zyklon-B pellets into an opening in the room
Zkylon-B turned into gas once it came in contact with the air
All prisoners died quickly but not instantaneously
Step 3:
After all the prisoners were dead and the room had been aired out, other prisoners were assigned the the horrendous task of removing the bodies from the chamber
Bodies were then taken to crematorium
Each individual gas chamber could kill about 6,000 people per day
Men, Women, and Children were thrown in the crematorium fully alive to burn to death or they were thrown in after their death to disintegrate their bodies.
The crematorium let off a nauseating smell of burning flesh
The crematorium had no heat or sanitary restrictions
Many were burned alive
These camps have been turned into memorials for the Holocaust. You may visit the sites of Auschwitz and Belzec to see first-hand some of the remains.

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