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My Life

No description

Navada Bennaugh

on 22 May 2010

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Transcript of My Life

NAH NAH LIFE Colors are so pretty it makes yew smile some times. Heart are like LOVE to people
nd its show you how much LOVE someone LOVE is the best thing
in the WORLD all people
have LOVE some DAY!!!!! Kittien they are so kute
ILOVE KITTIENS Puppies Are So kute nd cuddly Friends has your back even
if you have a boyfriend!!!! Well friend stay together
until the year is over 2007
was the best year..

*(We share our things
with each other)* {Chains make you keep a promise
to one another} We can check nd see
how much you LOVE your
friends Dogs Have fun always LOVE dogs nd there my
favorite animals!!!!
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