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Old Cartoons vs. New Cartoons

No description

Darrell Cleveland

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Old Cartoons vs. New Cartoons

Shall we start from the beginning? The only way you didnt watch this show... Is if your blind... The best readers read the Rainbow And I say "Hey!" "What a wonderful kind of day!" The only dog you can actually ride... Dam.. look at those tubs! (No Profanity) Then we graduated from Kindergarten... Potty went to poop! No more Nap time! Girls started to have fewer cooties.. Reading and Writing became a reality And Cartoons got real! Were "Big" kids now... See if you can remember any of these guys... Admit it.. you wanted a Jaw Breaker Even the guys watched this show. Mojojojo... the best villian name ever! Say it with me one time.. Also the only one smart enough to be on "Who Wants to be A Millionare?" And won.. When he was stoned!!!! Never got them though.. and died a virgin He loved the women.. Fighting demons and monsters half the time.. Bull shetting the other half.. (No Profanity) h Who didn't want a Secret Lab? Bet you didn't know he got all the gardening tools.. (No Profanity) Want to know why he really wore glasses? He couldn't see his penis without them :( He was always winning.. But he never won. He did influence me to act like a samurai though! Lets not forget about Nickelodeon... Time do the same thing with Nickelodeon That would take too long.. Can't forget about Disney Channel Just a handful of the best. Did you enjoy those shows? Let's take a look at what the kids watch these days.. They're Ugly... So they kiss each other. They try to kiss guys they cant get.. I don't even know what to say.. No wonder there's a rainbow around the title.. Knock off Justice League? His father is this dragon.. His mom is this human. ... Its about as weird as... This guy We all had our favorites.. Ca Can't get the girls... So instead... The main character is the King Of hamsters.. literally. He has friends.. People actually watch this show? Self explanatory It's finally over.. What was the point again? Oh yeah.. Almost there.. Next Generation Cartoons
Our Generation Cartoons Sorry Ms. Moneyhunn... Zoinks. This show scared me as a kid! Thomas Mendoza? Return the slab! He can get the girls.. But that doesn't mean he likes them ^^^ Punked by bullies.. 2013 Cartoon Network... They're ugly. They can't kiss the guys they want.. So they kiss each other.. He's half dragon and half human. Cool right? Here's the thing.. His dad is this dragon... This is his mom... Picture that.. This show is wild. It's weirder than this guy More like a Justice League knock off... Cheats on his girlfriend... With his boy friend. Bisexual? Never kissed a girl... Almost as ugly as Jonathan Gagliano.. Just as scrubby though.. "Hey, kid. You will never
be as good as i was" Has it been 7 minutes yet?
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