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Using Seafood As A Ocean Resource

No description

Daniel Naderi

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Using Seafood As A Ocean Resource

Using Seafood As A Ocean Resource
Describe in detail how the ocean treasure/resource affects the rest of the hydrosphere, as well as the geosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere.
Conclusion & Resources
Detail 1
Seafood is a ocean resource that many people rely on. Many people everyday eat seafood, including fish, crabs, shrimp, clams, lobsters, and many more. Humans have used the ocean as a source of food well before recorded history. Seafood affects Earth spheres, both positively and negatively. In the following paragraphs I will explain to you how seafood affects Earth spheres and how seafood could be endangered.
Since the different types of seafood that we eat live in a layer called Hydrosphere they affect this layer by making fossils when they die so people in the future can examine and learn about them. Also their carcasses add fertilizer to plankton and seaweed.
The fish can die because of oil spills so that is a bad thing that can happen. If there is a oil spill that takes place in the Hydrosphere fish can die which would tie in with humans not getting seafood as a source of food.
The Geosphere is vital to find fossils so in this layer the scientists can study about fish in the past.
Fossilized Fish can be found from up to 4 billion years ago.
Fish can affect the biosphere by feeding on many organisms such as humans, bears, bigger fish, whales, and many more, but, unfortunately, they can spread different kinds of diseases. They are a amazing resource to the biosphere because many peoples job's rely on fishing, so without them people could lose their jobs.
Fish Affecting the Atmosphere & Cryosphere
Fish can affect the Atmosphere because they breathe in oxygen. If the water quality is not well then probably it may have to do with the oxygen levels. Fish can affect the cryosphere only a little and that is when their carcasses freeze and get into glaciers, but it is very unlikely.
As you can now tell fish and all the other marine life affect all of our Earth spheres. We need fish in our everyday lives, they have a great value to society. Without marine life our world would be very different then it is today. Fish and Marine Life can become endangered very easily. We need to be mindful of how we control our actions. If fish become endangered people's everyday lives can change differently, for example someone may lose their job if fish all the sudden die out. We can all help to protect Fish and Marine Life by:
Prevent Pollution, make laws
Pick up trash near the beach
Check machine systems, like the oil spill case
Even the most small thing can help a fish!
The End!
This is a picture of a bear and it is using its resources, the fish.
This is a picture of the fossil of a fish, most likely billions of years ago.
This is a picture of a group of fish which represents how the fish need each other to live
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