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Coffey`s Hands

No description

alexis henry

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Coffey`s Hands

Term 3 book report
Alexis' book report
Coffey's Hands
Author:Stephen King
Georgia Pines:A house for Paul and Eliane very quite.The home is also for the elderly.
Prison:Where Paul used to work,a dull dark place,and the home of John Coffey.
Main Characters
Paul:Is a curious elderly man,who used work at a prison and never sleeps.
John Coffey:is a brutal killer of two girls.A quite,secretive.
Main Character Traits
Paul flashes back,and doubts hiself.''I didn't sleep well because I'd been dreaming about the prison I worked in,in the 1930's.'' ''As I saw Coffey behind the bars I thought of letting him out.''
Supporting Characters
Eliane:a n elderly woman who takes care of Paul.And a very loving,and sweet.
John Coffey:A brutal killer of two young girls.A secretive middle aged guy who is very curious.
A security guard named, Paul Edgecombe becomes very curious about a prisoner named, John Coffey the brutal killer of two girls.But when John is about to reveal a big secret, he mysteriously dies, and Pual wants to find out who it was,so his suspicion is on the security guard William.
The theme of my story is don't blame someone because of how they look and don't take up for someone.
My opinion on the book is five stars because it is mysterious,and it has a lot of crimes.Then there is other series of books that go with it.I suggest that you read this book.
Favorite Part of the book
My favorite part of the book is when of the book is when one of the security guards found a mouse and and said it did tricks.
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