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Talk in the writing process

No description

Fraser Angus

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Talk in the writing process

Talk in the writing process

Do we value talk?
Why talk when writing?
Some ideas for the classroom
No shouting out!!!
Quietly start the task.
Why are you still talking?
Assessing talk?

Difficulty in measuring success leads to it being avoided.

Talk, talk, talk
Generate more ideas
Where do i start? Writers block?

Are 2 heads better than one?

An element of competition
Reflection and Evaluation
Become an editor or mini teacher

Fix each others errors - facilitate
Ambition and motivation.

I can do it, i can write at the next level!
Arguably some of the best short stories or poems ever written were done so jointly by Lennon and McCartney.

Going 'eyeball to eyeball'

Differing styles
Make a mini novel
Talk - Plan - Write

Pupil and parent story
Create a homework task that encourages parents and their child to write a story together perhaps alternate paragraphs.
Plan for a live event
Presentation to another class
Something to think about
Self confidence
The Beatles
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