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Book Report on Matched

By: Becca Filler

Becca Filler

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Book Report on Matched

MATCHED BY: ALLY CONDIE PREZI BY: BECCA FILLER "TWO DESIRES STRUGGLE WITHIN ME..." SETTING PLACE- Oria Province, in a clean-cut neighborhood, Mapletree Borough, home to seemingly-perfect people and the main character Cassia SETTING TIME- a dystopian future, where wars have decimated most fighting populations and disagreeable land formations ERA-the book's period of history features more technological advances and scientific tools; Artifacts, from music to poetry to compact mirrors, are limited SETTING Ally Condie creates a mood through use of setting by using Cassia's, the protagonists, the voice and describing intricately her Society from her perspective. MAIN CHARACTERS: CASSIA REYES- Cassia is the protagonist and her conflict is between her freedom and rules that bind her (Man vs. Society) MAIN CHARACTERS: CASSIA- She is obedient. Cassia usually complies with the Society; she even gave up her only Artifact to keep them at bay. SETTING MAIN CHARACTERS: CASSIA- In the end, she builds up courage and nerve, bravely defying the Society, in hopes of finding Ky in the Outer Provinces. MAIN CHARACTERS: CASSIA- She is chary. She is reluctant to speak her mind. Ky is the someone she can confine in without shame. MAIN CHARACTERS: CASSIA- The only times she feels she can have an opinion and speak freely is when she accompanies Ky on there scheduled hikes. MAIN CHARACTERS CASSIA- Cassia's family come to an agreement on what freedom costs, and they fake a desperate Cassia's rebellion so she can find Ky. MAIN CHARACTERS: KY MARKHAM- As an Abberation, he can never be matched. The society robbed him of his family, lifestyle, and freedom of choice MAIN CHARACTERS: The society labeled him, and even younger Ky found that he, too, is bound by the regulations in the society

(Man vs. Society) MAIN CHARACTERS: KY- He is cryptic. As an Outer Provinces native, Ky is mysterious and different, and this makes him a threat to the Society. MAIN CHARACTERS: KY- To kill any sparks of rebellion, Officials later came to take Ky away. MAIN CHARACTERS: KY- Ky often reflects back on his memories and past for guidance and reassurance MAIN CHARACTERS: KY- As he and Cassia grow closer, Ky becomes less timid and opens up, sharing his abilities and stories. THEME: The theme is Freedom of choice because it compliments on the main characters views THEME: Cassia struggles to follow her heart and love, and struggles to obey the Society's every whim THEME: Cassia wants a say, to decide herself, and the theme shows the significant impact the freedom of deciding themselves would have on the characters PLOT: Escape into Matched, a dystopian fiction novel, where the Society determines everything for Cassia Reyes -where she lives, what she wears, who she loves- In a future when freedom is scarce and trust is scared, Cassia is matched with her friend by the Society She will marry him, love him, have children with him... or does the future behold more After excepting Xander as her match, a glitch occurs on the matching screen-another boys face appears- that of Ky Markham's. He confronts Cassia saying " I came up on the screen too Cassia. But he was the one you choose to see" It was a breakthrough for the characters because we began seeing the events in Xander's perspective:Xander's anger at Ky, Cassia's betrayal when she chooses another Events, like timed deaths to the revelation that death was by poisoning, had Cassia questioning the integrity of the society The Society points out that someone is always rising to the top, someone making decisions for them and determining the fate of others The Society also makes a of explaining how people, overwhelmed with too much, cannot appreciate the fullness of what they already have TONE: " I see his eyes, bright with life and fire , and I know he won't stop fighting. Even if it's the kind of quiet fight you can't always see. And I won't stop fighting either. This quote demonstrates the author's passionate, tenacious tone about fighting which has an impact on Cassia's perspective The passionate regard Cassia has torward Ky in this quote further supports how she feels about individuality and her skepticism about the Society's true intentions. The author paints a picture of Cassia and her hope that she and Ky will fight, win and be able to be together without someone determining there fates
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