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Louis Riel

No description

ayman mohamed

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Louis Riel

Who is Louis Riel and his background
Louis Riel was born in Red River Settlement which is now Manitoba. He is the leader of the metis, and they were against the government. Louis Riel wanted to become a lawyer, but he couldn't because he did not have a Diploma. Louis Riel was born in October 22, 1844 and he passed away in November 16, 1885. Louis had two kids named jean and marie angelique.
why was he executed
Louis Riel was blamed for killing Thomas Scott, although that the people from the metis group forced him to do so. Louis admitted that he had such a wonderful life before he was getting executed.
Did he have his own right to defend himself?
No he did not have the right because no one was on his side everyone didn't believe, that he was forced to kill Thomas Scott, because the metis has forced louis riel, second reason is the judge did not want him to leave which means the trial was not fair.
we strongly think that Louis should of defend himself as much as he can , because the judge did not have enough evidence to prove that Louis Riel had murder Thomas Scott . however, they were many reasons for putting him on capital punishment, the main reason is he was blamed by metis for committing the crime, like the metis betrayed Louis Riel, but no one knows why.
A little summery of what happened to Louis Riel.
was it a serious crime?
Yes it was absolutely a serious crime , Louis killed Thomas Scott who was one of Schultz's men had died. people hated him and people didn't some say hes a hero for killing Thomas Scott i don't think hes a hero because what is there to be a hero for killing someone.
Louis Riel
Our opinion of the executed of Louis Riel

Hope you enjoyed our presentation and have a great day.


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