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No description

Alexa Santos

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of SOCCER

Top 10 Tournaments
FIFA World Cup
UEFA Champions League
UEFA European Championship
Copa America
Copa Libertadores
UEFA Europa League
Africa Cup of Nations
FA Cup
Confederations Cup
Copa del Rey
By: Diego Santos
FIFA World Cup
The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930
Only 13 team where invited
The most successful team is Brazil with 5 wins
In the 2014 World Cup there where 204 countries competing for 31 available spots
In the 2014 World Cup their was a total of 1billion plus over all audience
Basic Rules
Each team must have 10 out field player and 1 goal keeper
Games are 90 minutes long
They have 1 referee supervising the game and two assistants to enforce the rules
A free kick or penalty kick maybe awarded if fouled
A player can get a yellow card by making a dangerous play or for bad behavior
Soccer was invented in England
England named the sport "football" because its played with your feet
England came up with the rules of football
Football Association was developed in 1863
Used Inflated animal bladder as ball

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide especially in Europe, North America, and South America.
Soccer can be played at any age and can also be played anywhere
Minimum equipment is required all you need is a ball
Soccer has great health benefits like improved cardio, muscle strength, and muscle endurance
UEFA Champions League
Champions League is one of the most watched soccer tournaments
It was first known as the European Cup then changed its name to Champions League in 1992
The most successful team in this tournament is Real Madrid with 10 titles won

Cristiano Ronaldo
Born on February 5, 1985 in Portugal
Sporting CP, Manchester United, and Real Madrid
Won the League cup, Domestic Cup, Community Shield, player of the year, Golden boot, Ballon d'Or, Champions League, and Club World Cup with Manchester and Madrid
34million Face Book fans
4.3million Twitter followers
Lionel Messi
Born on June 24, 1986
Only team Barcelona
Broken many records
Has won many individual and club trophy's
He has the most ballon d'or wins
Gareth Bale
Most expensive player today
Tottenham Hotspurs and Real Madrid
In his first season with Madrid he won the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Copa del Rey, and Super Cup
Soccer Fans
BVB have the best fans
They make cool choreographed signs
The wave aka"Mexican wave"
Allot of racism in Europe against black people
Allot of fights
Fans throwing objects at players
EUFA Against Racism
10 game match band
Games behind close doors
Forfeiting a match
Deduction of points
Won three world cups
Youngest player to win the World Cup
In Santos November 19th is Pele day
retired in 1977
Diego Maradona
Played in four Wolrd Cups for his country Argentina
Score goal with hand in the World Cup
Drug addict
Retired in 1997
Zinedine Zidane
Won FIFA World Player of the year three times or more
Headbutt in 2006 World Cup
Played for big teams
Won many trophies
Young Talent
Freddy went pro at the age of 14
Also was the youngest player to score a goal
Martin Odergaard youngest player to join Real Madrid
35 scouts attended his U-21 game
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