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Article X of the Treaty of Guadalupe

No description

Anahi Ruiz

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Article X of the Treaty of Guadalupe

In Texas, not all land grants were valid.
The treaty had made it hard for the Mexicans because the mexican community were worried about their people in the southwest.
Other Americans wanted more land
Land seizures happened and the Anglo settlers attacked the Mexicans
The Treaty of Guadalupe
Article X
All land grants that had been made by the Mexican government will still be valid .
Article X was removed from the treaty by the Senate.
Mexicans were forced out of their land by law and courts against them.
Mexican Americans went from holding a majority of the land in the region to owning almost none.
The treaty promised U.S. citizenship but they were not given full U.S. citizenship until the 1930s.
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the article was removed because the secretary James Buchanan believed the constitutions promise to protect ones property is valid whether or not the article was put in the treaty.
the reason for Texas's land grants not being valid is because Texas had already gained their independence
towards the end of the war, Mexican officials and Senate Nicholas Trist began long discussions for a peace treaty in early August. the Peace treaty had been signed February 2, 1848, but article X had been voted to be taken out
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