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Technology: Social Impact and Digital Divide.

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Jack Huggins

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Technology: Social Impact and Digital Divide.

Technology: Social Impact and Digital Divide.
Technology impacts society and people in a number of different ways, positive and negative. In this presentationI'll be explaining the social impact of technology including how it divies us.
Examples of social impacts.
People can become addicted to certain aspects of technology.
People can become addicted to using technology, therefore isolating them from the real world.
Quick and easy form of communication.
Being able to talk to family or friends, even if they are across the other side of the world.
Meeting new people.
Finding wide range of different societies and groups of people online who you may be able to relate to.
Positives of Technology within Society.
Technology offers free forms of communication to other people and services, we can talk to people via typing or voice and video, these can help out in situations where each participant is unable to reach the other in-person. Technology allows people to contact others who are on the other side of the world, this is great because it can take a very long time for something such as a letter to reach the other person, and for a reply to be received.
Time zones can also be a problem with communication, so using a social networking site or other form of online communication can be very handy for long distance conversation.

People can also communicate with companies and services if they need help or are applying for a job (for example). It allows people to have a form of communcation which they can do from home or even from a work place.
Negatives of Technology within Society.
Technology allows us to communicate with people online, and this can stop people from talking face-to-face and in person. Human interaction is important so that people do not because isolated to one way of communication.
Not everywhere in the world is able to have access to forms of online communication, or people may not be able to use the device for such purpose.

Online commincation can also affect people skills and abilities in real life situations.
The Digital Divide
The digital divide is the name for ~
The division of people able, and unable to use technology for communication or work purposes.

There are many reasons why someone may not be able to have access to certain technology:
Unable to purchase the technology.
Undeveloped country/reign.
No technology available.
The Digital Divide
Undeveloped countries may not have the technology the rest of the world has, so they will not necessarily know how to communicate using social networking or general online based software.
Language is also another problem with communication, it can be problematic online or in person. Online communication across different languages is easier than in person as you are able to search for translation software to read and reply to a message, although not always accurately.

Time zones can also be problematic. From England to the US its either a 5 or 6 hour time zone difference, which if either participents are tight on time, can cause problems if you need to communicate with someone across countries.
The Digital Divide
Because of problems with education and learning capabilities, international communication to third world countries can be extremely difficult, especially in times when the country maybe suffering from something such as a natural disaster.
As far as technology is advancing it is hard for people to learn how to use certain pieces of technology if they have had no experiences dealing with it before hand, so people need to learn about technology before they will be able to use it effectively for communication and other needs.
As technology is advancing onwards, it is reaching more and more people and areas where it has been previously unavailable. This means there will be more connectivity across the world with other people.

Copy right and legal issues will always exist because people will find ways around the law, this can and will effect the economics and possibly the social side of online usage and the IT industury.

With technology expanding, it continues to create possible issues.
Social Media
There are loads of social media sites. The most popular ones are as follows:

These social media sites provide type/video/voice based communication to anyone connected to you via the site.
These are ways you can talk to someone without being there in-person. These ease communication at distance and are common forms of communication among a mass range of people all across the world.
Having a sight, hearing or touch impairment can make it extremely difficultly to commonicate but using online types of communication can help that out.
Although it may help there is the problem of, if someone is blind, not being able to see what they are using or doing, and someone who maybe deaf wont be ale to voice/video chat so well.

Online communication can help, but does still have issues along with it.
Jack Huggins U1 Communication in the IT industury A3T1
Legal Issues
People can use the internet to promote their products allowing a wider market audience. Whilst attracting a wider audience is good if you're trying to promote a product is does have it's disadvantages, the product/content is now accessible for people to unlawfully copy, download or misuse. This is where copyright legislation comes into play

Online, People can, and often will, try and steal peoples ideas and creations for their own so they get credit or payment for them.
Without a proper copy right system, it would be easy for anyone to take a photo, video, idea, product, etc, for their own.
Any legitimate websites will have an area about their legal information and about what people can use from their site, and what people cannot use.
yet this does not always stop people from doing so.
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