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tuck everlasting

No description

ruth hernandez

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of tuck everlasting

tuck everlasting
By Natlie Babit

this book is about a girl named Winnie that wounder off in her woods and while she was wondering she notice a boy name Jesse drinking from a spring. So Jesse and his family Mae , Miles , and Angus kidnap her to explain why she cant drink from that spring that would bring consequence .
when Mae was sent to jail for killing the man in the yellow suit . the convict told them that Mae would be hung for that crime.so Winnie did anything so they wouldn't find out about the secret about that they cant die. so she switch places with Mae in the middle of the night and help Mae escape .This is important because it show how a stranger can be most likely end up being your close friend like Mae and Winnie.
The Way out
The genre of this novel Tuck Everlasting is fanasty I know this because this novel has a magic spring that if you drink from it you can live forever and never die. In the real world there are no spring that make you live forever.
Winnie is a 10 years old girl that is over protective by her grandmother and her mother . Winnie is also a confident girl that does thing that she wouldn't do in the beginning in the novel that she does in the end of the novel for an example she switch places with Mae.

big idea; Winnie is confident person
because she risk he herself

evidence : Winnie decided to leave the house and head out to the woods pg ( 12 )

Winnie let the Tuck's kidnap her and take her to the house faraway from her house pg( 27 )

Winnie care about Mae she switch places with her in the middle of the night in jail pg( 97 )
Mae tuck is a person that defense herself . she is also a adult but she look like she is in her twenty's .
big idea (Mae)
big idea :Mae tuck is a person that protect those person she loves

Mae tuck hit the man in the yellow suit with a gun to defend Winnie because he as trying to take her at away from them by force.

Mae took the chance in prison just for protecting Winnie from the man in the yellow suit .
Jesse is 104 but he look like a seventeen years old teenager. he is also tall ,skinny , and he also has golden hair when the sun beams down on him.
Mae tuck archetype is
a consort because she defends herself

she defended Winnie when the man in the yellow suit wanted to take her away so she hit him.pg( 59)

Mae also know how to react quickly to a situation for an example when they told her about the spring pg( 25)

mood and tone
in the begging of the novel the mood was depress because they were always watching Winnie so she felt like she was in a invisible cage . pg (10)

in the middle of the novel the mood was excitement because Winnie got to explore for an example she got to go fishing with Mile while that she had never gone fishing

in the end of the novel the mood was frightening because Winnie was frighten that they would find out the Tucks secret.
1# Theme
scene 1: Angus Tuck got in the boat with Winnie so he can explain why drinking the spring water was bad. cause it lead to being left out of the cycle so they had to be moving around and jumping from places to places

theme; live your life to your fullest because

big idea( Winnie)
man in the yellow suit
big idea (Jesse)
big idea : Jesse isa demanding person because he like to tell people what to do

He told Winnie not to drink from the spring in the begging of the story pg(21)

he told Winnie to drink from the water when she turn 17 years old so they can run away with each other

character affected by setting
Winnie was affected differently from the tuck because when they took Winnie she was sad while in the other hand the tucks were happy for having Winnie with them.

Winnie the tucks family

when they were Angus tuck smile at
eating Winnie Winnie when he meet
yelled out that her for the first time.
she wanted to go home
when Jesse smile at her
when they were eating
Winnie was breakfast
scared when they took
her away to talk to her she
was also crying.

scene: Winnie was yanked by the arm by the man in the yellow suit as Mae Tuck see this happening she grabbed the gun that Angus had and hit cracked open the skull of the man in the yellow suit .

theme: You are capable to do anything for the ones that you love because they would do the same for you one day
theme #3
scene; when the tucks took Winnie in a pond to tell her the story of what had happened the man in the yellow suit followed them and herd everything about how you cant die when you drink from the spring and stole the horse of Angus to go tell Winnie parents that he know where she was but he told them so they can give him the woods with the spring.

THEME; be careful of what you do because it can cause consequences .
main theme: that you shouldn't want to live forever, that ruins the circle of life

how Angus tuck told Winnie not to drink from the sprig so she would still be in the cycle

they don't feel good because they can live forever and they have all the time they have .

main theme
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