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Ryan's Prezume

Education, marketing, communications, instructional design, learning and human resources expert. Enjoy my prezume!

Ryan Struck-Vander Haak

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Ryan's Prezume

Improving Our Employment Brand
Core Competencies:
Orientation & Training
Strategic Planning
Marketing & Branding
Instructional Design
Curriculum Design
Program Development
Change Management
Assessment & Evaluation
Data-Driven Improvement
Ryan Struck-VanderHaak
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Education, Spanish
International Development
Fine Arts/Communications
& Architecture
I studied
at Calvin College
I was involved in many leadership positions:
Resident Assistant
Environmental Stewardship Coalition Head
Social Justice Coalition Chair
Admissions Assistant
Invention Team
Architecture Club (AIAS)
Orientation Leader
Campus Choir & Capella
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Project Neighborhood
I studied a few places off campus...
Washington: Art & Education
Oregon: Literature & Theology
Honduras: Spanish & International Development
And I was honored to receive awards:
Presidential Honors Award
Valedictorian Scholarship
Stewardship Award
Calvin Theatre Company
Dean's List (8 Semesters)
Beversluis Philosophy of Education Award
Leadership Development
[and yes, I graduated in just 4 years]
I started my career in teaching...
Designing Curriculum
Using Harvard's "Understanding by Design" principles
For 6 subject areas
Facilitating Growth
Averaging 2 academic years growth per calendar year
Assessing & Evaluating learning
Middle school, that is, from 2001 to 2005
Creating Partnerships
Improving Outcomes
Increasing graduation & placement rates
Planning Strategically
Leading School Curriculum Committee
School earned exemplary status for accreditation
Serving on School Improvement Team
Partnering with Development Office for Partner Scholarship Porgram
...and then worked in higher education
I began as an Admissions Counselor...
...and transitioned to a new role that included
Financial Aid Counseling & Program Management
From 2005 to 2006
From 2006 to 2008
Revising New Employee Orientation
Using employee feedback and satisfaction surveys
Increasing retention by 25%
Increasing Economic and Ethnic Diversity
Delivering Group Trainings & Workshops
Streamlining Communication & Service
Implementing Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Managing Complex Projects
Improving Outcomes
Increasing representation of students of color by 25%
Serving on Strategic Enrollment Planning Team
In English and Spanish
Covering topics such as Financing Higher Education & Planning for College
For 5 to 750 participants
Annually counseling 500 students in a 12 state region
Utilizing Focus Group & Market Research
Revising print, e-mail, web & social media communication
Utilizing the ADDIE model
Implementing new CRM & SIS paperless systems
Achieving highest territory matriculation, satisfaction and retention rates
With the help of 6 counseling assistants
Corporate Communications
Public Relations
I was then recruited to be
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Financial Aid,
Strategic Planning
& Marketing
Improving Hiring, Orientation & Training
Facilitating quarterly in-services
Aligning professional development plans to strategic plan
Developing 5-Year
Strategic Plan
Covering best practice & leadership development
learning &
Improving Retention & Satisfaction
Revising committee structure
Conducting process improvement study
Designing First Year Experience
Increasing retention & satisfaction by 10%
Facilitating Change
Recruiting & Developing Leaders
Overseeing Data-Driven Improvement
Expanding Market Reach & Customer Base
Facilitating focus groups & town-hall meetings
Implementing new scholarship competitions
Increasing representation of academically high-achievers by 20%
Increasing representation by students of color by 25%
Creating integrated marketing strategy
Launching new website with SEO & SEM
Developing social media strategy
Communicating a New Identity
Orchestrating data collection and record management
Facilitating monthly data user meeting
Developing strategic planning dashboard
Diversifying marketing strategies
Expanding international market by 300%
Improving prospect identification & qualification
Launching New Programs
Utilizing print & electronic media
Increasing inquiries by 900%
From 2008 to 2011
I continue to serve with various
community organizations:
Mars-Bros Mentoring Program
Tall Turf Ministries
Garfield Park Neighborhood Association
Plaster Creek Stewards
Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition
Strategic Planning Team Member
Small Group Facilitator
Children's Church Teacher
ESL Program Facilitator
Workshop Participant
Roosevelt Park Representative
Stream Rehabilitation Project Participant
Summit Participant
Bike Educator
Street Team Member
Block Captain
Arts & Crafts Fair Volunteer
Communications Consulting
Camp Counselor
Weekly Opportunities for Reconciling Youth Volunteer
Board Member
Education Facilitator
Curriculum Consultant
Roosevelt Park Community Church
Communicate Identity
Recruit Volunteers
Engage Donors
Train Participants
Plan Strategy
And I started a communications
consulting company,
helping organizations to better...
Contact me to learn more!
Internship Planning Committee
Intern Olympics Marketing Groups
Accelerated Seminary Studies
Business Leadership
English Professional Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
Sports Management
I continued studying
Curriculum & Instruction
Educational Leadership
Organizational Leadership
@ Michigan State University
@ Calvin College
from Western Michigan University
Coursework in
& coursework in
For a Masters of Arts in
Planning Strategically
Designing "Planning Your Future" series
Newsletter Editor
Mexico: Spanish & Religion
Increasing communication and matriculation
I joined the Human Resources Team at Innotec
I joined the Human Resources Team at Innotec
And I help coordinate
Global Hiring
I joined the Human Resources Team at Innotec
And I coordinate
Global Hiring
Orientation & On-boarding
People Planning
University & College Relations
Internships & Co-Ops
Launching new website
Integrating social media
Increasing candidate pool over 400%
Hiring Top Talent Globally
Over 165 new employees in 2013
Reducing time-to-hire from >8 weeks to <3 weeks
Identifying Leaders
Implementing McQuaig assessment & trainings with over 98% of FT employees
Empowering People Planning
Launching Taleo ATS
Developing content for Innoversity LMS
Coordinating ADP payroll & HRIS
Engaging Employees
Managing over 60 Interns
Demonstrating 10% increase in satisfaction
Reducing turnover by 10%
Establishing Professional Certification
Professional in Human Resources (PHR) in 2014
Society for Human Resources (SHRM) Member
Human Resources Group of West Michigan Member
Improving Our Brand
in 2012
Rapid Ridership Monitor
I now oversee
Corporate Recruiting

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