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Halloween Presentation

No description

Laura Olteanu

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween Presentation

Halloween by
Team Hufflepuff

Crimes of Halloween
Photo provided by Google images
Costumes for Halloween
Evolution of Halloween
1. Christian missionaries attempted to covert the Celtic religion and wipe all pagan rituals out. This became a popular way to convert the pagan festival into a Christian Holiday. little did they realize that Halloween would still keep its majestic rituals around.
Bad Candy
Present day Halloween
1. Halloween is said to have its origins in an ancient Celtic/Druid festival known as Samhain.
estimated that 65% of adults celebrate Halloween besides hanging out candy.
1.5 Billion spent on costumes a year.
3 Billion spent on party accessories alone!
Halloween in the U.S
Prank gone bad
Disneyland at Halloween
2. Samhain is a ancient Celtic pre-Christian festival of the dead. "All Hallows Day"
3. Date marks the end of summer and start of winter. As pastorals, they rely on harvesting crops and securing livestock for the long winter months

4. The Pagan festival, is believed that the dead come back to mingle with the living. So Celtics would sacrifice animals, carve fruits, vegetables and lite bonfires in the hopes that the dead will keep on their journey and as a safety thing to keep the spirits of the dead away from the living
They turned the Pagan Holiday of sacrificing animals and bonfires into a day to recognize the dead and those who has passed on. "All Saints Day."
"Halloween is a patch work holiday, kind of cultural Frankenstein stitched together quite recently from a number of religions, all fused beneath the cauldron-light of the American melting pot." David J.Skal
3.During "All Saints Day," they offer food and drinks for the souls of the dead that were out and about.
4. Halloween also retains some features that go back to the Celtic harvest festival Samhain: such as bobbing apples, carving pumpkins and wearing a costumes or masks.

Halloween allows people to deviate from their normal lives and be whoever they want to be for one night.
One thing that Americans love doing is scaring trick or treaters
By Google Images
by google images
by Google images
Have Fun
Buzzfeed life 10.20.14
Mickeys Halloween Party
Some fun facts that about mickeys Halloween party!
1. Park closes to normal public at 7pm and those
holding a mickeys Halloween party ticket get to stay
or access three hours early,
2. Getting to see all the characters dressed up.
Mickey and Minnie host, and all the villains will be out
and about in the main square.
3. There will be trick or treating stations where just
as you would at home you can go up and say "trick or treat" you get candy!
4. You must dress up! Costumes are a requirement for Mickeys exclusive Costume Party!
5. Live pumpkin carving with all the characters carved
into them!
flickr 10.20.14
We have all had Halloween at home, but have Halloween is always better at the happiest place on earth!
pinterest 10.20.14
Pinterest 10.20.14
Mickeys Party continued
Not only do you get early access to the park, but you also get exclusive events such as the Halloween Screams firework show, and the Mickeys "boo-to-you" Halloween Parade.
Treats, decorations and more!!
Pintrest Inspirations
Satanic Rituals
19th Century Costumes
Children's costumes in 1960
Top 10 projected costumes of 2014
Note: All photos are provided by google images
flamboyant costumes during the 20th century
Costumes throughout the years
Top ten projected costumes 2014
Authentic looking pirates costume
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