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MANG3052 Presentation

An overview of our Digital Marketing campaign for Broderick Fine Foods.

Florence Broderick

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of MANG3052 Presentation

ICE CREAM DESSERTS MANG3052 Digital Marketing Project YouTube = key to SEO
Video marketing stats:
Consumers spend almost 17 mins per month watching video ads.
Consumers 64% more likely to make a purchase after video marketing. Created and content managed with www.1and1.co.uk.
We focused on:
Getting new leads (contact details etc.)
Developing product catalogue.
Key words (to improve SEO).
http://www.broderickfinefoods.co.uk Further things to improve on Paid advertising on Facebook.
Google Adwords to bring more new leads.
Regular tastings and videos in the South West area.
Digital presence to support our efforts at trade shows.
Online ordering. We blogged along an ice cream theme on WordPress.
Encouraging levels of engagement.
Attracted blog views from social media. Content marketing.
Followed ice cream bloggers, other ice cream brands and potential new customers.
@SimplyIceCream, potential new product via Twitter. Facebook Content marketing.
e.g. Ben Affleck post Oscar ice cream binge.
e.g. Israeli Prime Minister ice cream expenses scandal.
Only 86 likes but our fans are engaged and our Facebook presence has helped our SEO immensely. Video marketing Website Blogging Small family run ice cream, dessert and frozen goods wholesaler based in the South West.
Main products include:
Lovington's Ice Cream
Yeo Valley
Supply restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist attractions and other businesses.
Main areas include Bath and Bristol. References Introduction SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter Email Marketing We built a database of current customers and potential customers (currently 59 subscribers).
Mailchimp allowed us to see reports on the success of our campaigns. Significant Successes We now regularly receive leads because of our website (e.g. Cheung Chaw Chop Suey House in Clevedon).
Reduced phonecalls.
We have updated the Broderick Fine Foods brand and improved brand perception. Follett, Andrew. 8 Big Video Marketing Statistics. http://www.videobrewery.com/blog/18-video-marketing-statistics. Accessed 05/05/13.
Broderick Fine Foods website: www.broderickfinefoods.co.uk
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/BroderickFoods
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Broderick-Fine-Foods/108997175869257
Our blog: http://broderickfinefoods.wordpress.com
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