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1.4 Humor

No description

Jessie Cavaliere

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of 1.4 Humor

1.4 Humor
"50 First Dates"
This comes from the movie "50 First Dates" which is about a couple who goes on there first date 50 times.This is an example of an oxymoron. You can only have one first date and in this quote it says 50 first dates. This is a contradictory combination of words.
''Specific Ocean"
When I was younger I would always confuse specific and Pacific. I would always say Specific Ocean instead of Pacific Ocean. This is an example of a malapropism, which is the misuse of words that have similar sounds, which is exactly what I did. It used to be really funny to my family when I said that.
"Stealing someone's coffee is called mugging.
My mom said this as a joke when I took a sip of her coffee.This example of humor is a pun. A cup that holds coffee is usually called a mug. That's where the pun comes in when mugging is used as another word as stealing.What makes it funny is how mugging realtes to coffee.
"Now we know why animals eat their own children"
This saying is from my grandpa, he says it all the time when he gets annoyed with my mom.He is relating himself to the animal eating its own child. He is using sarcasm because some animals don't actually eat their own children becuase they are annoying. He is realting this to him.
"Go ask his name: if he be married.
My grave is like to be my wedding bed."
This quote comes from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare , in Act 1 Scene 5. This is an example of verbal irony because Juliet is saying her wedding bed is also her grave. If she marries Romeo she
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