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Bonnie & Clyde

No description

Rory Gahagan

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde
Criminal History
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
2 of 3; born in Rowena, Texas
Father died when four
Excellent student in school
Marries Roy Thornton at 17
Roy wanders away a year later
two years later, in jail for murder
met Clyde when 19
Clyde Chestnut "Champion" Barrow
5 of 7 children to a poor farming family in TX
he and brother Buck became petty thieves
Never schooled past 5th grade
Met Bonnie at age 21
famous gun-slinging romance
Bonnie & Clyde and the "Barrow Gang" operated during the height of the Great Depression (1932-1934)
robbed banks, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. of thousands of dollars
responsible for 13 murders (mostly law enforcers)
escapades fueled by love and exaggerated by the yellow press
Before Two Became a Pair
Clyde imprisoned shortly after they met at a party
Escaped when Bonnie smuggled a gun in
Captured after his attempt; eventually released on parole
Barrow Gang: Bonnie, Clyde, Buck, Blanche, WD Jones
Bonnie and Clyde drove across TX, OK, MO, NM, and LA on a robbery spree for two years
across border by the time police caught up (police could not cross state borders to follow a criminal)
Narrowly escaped the police several times
Shootout in Iowa fatally wounded Buck; Blanche and WD Jones captured
Bonnie and Clyde escape and continue on
After ambush in Dallas endangered their families, Clyde took revenge by helping Raymond Hamilton and several other inmates (including Methvin) escape Eastham Prison
Police planned an ambush when Bonnie and Clyde became separated from traveling companion Henry Methvhin
Clyde stopped to inspect Methvin's broken down car coming back from a party in Louisiana
police opened fire with 130-180 bullets, killing the pair instantly
The Infamous Crime Spree
Bonnie's Dependent Personality Disorder
Clyde's Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Social Influences and Relations
Behavioral Psychology
Extreme Arrogance / Haughtiness
pictures holding guns
Sense of entitlement
crimes are justifiable
Fantasies of success and power
fed by yellow press
crime spree continued
Exploits others for his/her own aims
picked up different people for his Gang: Buck, Blanche, Jones, Methvin, Hamilton
Requires the admiration
2 Serious GF before Bonnie
Intense reltionship w/ Bonnie
Doesn't recognize the feelings of others
responsible for 13 murders (law enforcers and bystanders)

Fear of being abandoned
Need to be taken care of
married Thornton at a very young age (17)
Attracted to criminals / "bad boys" who were tough
One relationship ends, another begins
Sought another after Thornton was imprisoned
stayed with Clyde despite danger to herself and her family
Difficulty disagreeing with others, inability to make decisions for herself
Clyde called the shots
Despite own intelligence, paired up with a man who did not graduate elementary school
Thorndike's Law of Effect:
behavior followed by favorable consequences becomes more likely; behavior followed by unfavorable consequences becomes less likely

Negative Reinforcement
: For all of their narrow escapes, Bonnie and Clyde managed to get by on their robberies (big and small) for over 4 years without getting caught
Positive Reinforcement:
The loot and the fame
Motivation to Rob
: (Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict: Rob or Starve / Die Alone)
Need for food, money, etc. in the Great Depression drove them to their life of crime
Intimacy: their desire to belong ("The Barrow Gang") and to love
Motivation to Kill: (Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict: Murder or Prison)
Clyde's time in Eastham Prison scarred him
first murder was his rapist in Eastham
had his two little toes cut off in an attempt to gain early release
Bonnie and Clyde's murders had occurred in the heat of the moment, often when they were backed into a corner and desparate for any chance of escape
to the nation's general
towards the Government in the 1930s (US vs THEM, similar to "Brown Eyes / Blue Eyes")
Yellow press journalism spun Bonnie and Clyde's story to be a romantic Robin Hood: two lovers who robbed from those who had (minority) to feed those who had not (majority)




A Presentation by Rory Gahagan
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