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Autobiographical Timeline

EDP130 Assessment 1, Task 4

Chanelle Davis

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Autobiographical Timeline

so far... My life Born: 20/11/1987 Chanelle Ellese Davis EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.
-Mark Twain I am the eldest of four siblings At the age of two, I discovered ballet... which is where I found my passion for dance In 1993, I started school Gold Coast Here I am on my first day As my love and passion for dancing grew, I found my dancing 'true love'.... Irish Dancing which has also given me some very valuable friendships. In 1999, I moved to a great school with inspiring, creative and exciting teachers and met more great friends. I definitely have fond memories of school, which I think has influenced my decision to become a teacher. I have been lucky enough to compete in Irish Dancing competitions around the world, including the World Championships. In 2005, I graduated high school and began my business degree in 2006. 12 months later, I realised this wasn't for me and decided upon a belated 'gap year'... I found work in London, UK as a nanny, which is where I discovered my second 'true love', working with children. Four years later, it was time for the fairytale to end and I decided to move back home. Where I met my amazing fiance, Ryan. (Whom is coincidentally from the town where I lived in the UK...) In 2011, I decided to get qualified in my new career and enrolled with Open University. Image: Getty (2009) In 2012, Ryan popped the question! ... and I said, YES! 22/02/14 We're getting married on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand in front of close friends and family. Explore, Dream, Discover. Mark Twain.
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