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Brian's Winter

book report presentation

Brett Masuga

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of Brian's Winter

Brian's Winter Gary Paulsen Brian Robeson main character Brian is 13 years old He is trying to get to
his family. He is flying
to Canada. The pilot has a heart attack. The plane is going down! Brian's only chance is
to parachute out! He makes a shelter for
himself in a tree. Brian broke the hammer on the gun, so he makes a bow and some arrows for himself. Good thing he knew how to do a lot of these things from watching hunting shows and hanging around an outfitter place. There are many things in the wreckage: a hunting knife, pots and pans, matches, sleeping bag, fishing stuff, and some dry food. There was also a gun. Brian starts hunting and fishing and
just trying to survive. The woods start to change and winter is coming. Brian has to gather a lot more wood
and start to save more fish and meat for himself and apparently his pet skunk that
came one night. Brian shoots a giant moose! He survives a blizzard. Suddenly, gunshots in the night!! Brian yells to get their attention, but they don't hear him. When he goes looking for them, he hears more gunfire. Are they shooting at him? Trees are exploding from the sap! There is no one there... Brian makes himself some snowshoes. Brian gets a shot at a deer.
He kills it, but then feels bad. When hunting for a moose, he watches a pack of wolves take one down. Brian goes ice fishing and sees a toboggon.
There's a dog! Four dogs! Some Native
Americans have found him. What's next for Brian?
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